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I'm living on the US east coast, and I have many family members living back west, in South Dakota, that are pro-gun. Occasionally, the "Swiss-Stat" comes up, ie: the high rate of gun ownership. But they never talk about the training. To get a hunting permit in SDak, it requires a very short course - mine was 1-2 hours when I was only 14 years old. To become weapons trained in the USAF, I went through a weeks of training and qualification, mainly in the handling of the firearm so I didn't accidentally injure myself or others. But it's usually (not always) the family members with zero military service, and next-to-zero training, that are the most pro-gun. I have no reason to own one, so I don't have any.
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We used to have those places where you paid a small fee to go in and break stuff with a sledgehammer to relieve stress. This sounds like the lazy man's version.
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Looks like I could stick my hand through the bottom and be able to catch a falling plate.
Maybe I should go there and try! Checking ... Err, no. At almost $5,000 and 30 hours of travel to fly to Xi'an it's rather out of my league. (I honestly didn't expect it to be *that* expensive.)
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As a former paperboy, this brings back bad memories. Rather than the mild climate of La Joya, I delivered them in harsh, mid-west weather. Not only did I have to replace the papers that were stolen, that behavior cost me tips which were the only way I could afford new clothes.
Perhaps she should have gone to the newspaper office and gotten a job delivering what she stole. That way she could have read the classifieds before the papers were delivered.
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