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Well, you've sent me down the rabbit hole. The island pictured here is named Kiritimati, but it's pronounced "Christmas." The "ti" in the Gilbertese language is pronounced "s". The English call it Christmas Island, not to be confused with Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean, which is where the famous crab march happens.

The island was first permanently populated as a coconut plantation. The village of Poland was named in honor of one of the plantation managers, who was from Poland. There's a lot more interesting stuff at Wikipedia.
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I was like "Fabric? STRAW???" Then looked down at the dead cod I had strapped to my crotch, giving off a slight aroma.
It should be much easier to make friends and find a job now that I know the proper materials to use.
Also going to save a fortune at the fishmongers.
Guessing I won't get chased by as many seals and seabirds on my usually quite hectic walks on the beach.
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I am good with the majority of the descriptions, but disagree on a few. #3 could be a drill. No one would use #6 as a toothpick more than once. The attached image from another site shows that #9 is an awl as it shows the cutting edge. Because of the polished edge, I am guessing that #2 is a gouge.

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Particularly enjoyed the facial expressions - when you compare in a beat-for-beat style, you realize that chickens DO have facial expressions. Like, who's imitating who?
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