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This math shows that it is a literature student's math...I mean, no complex function to get closer to a factual number for once but the main problem is that it is, well, very rudimentary. It only accounts for the number of days as an occurance of "cheating" (and it is also wrong for factoring leap days that did not exist by that point - just saying) disregarding any checking to the source material to actually verify how many - if any - occurance of cheating happened during that period...
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My oldest kid lived in France a few years ago, just spittin' distance from Geneva. Considering CERN's large hadron collider is a ring of 27km underground, it may have run right under her feet. Way down deep under, of course.

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Most of those secret "drawers" are too small to be anything but curiosities. None are large enough to hold a writing instrument, much less a weapon. Few are convenient enough to used in a hurry nor show any signs of ever holding anything.
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This is most likely because the woman felt overwhelmed with shame at not immediately supporting her husband's spectacular plans for his remains after his death.

lmao, brilliant.
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We had those little boxes around town for a while. People put textbooks in them, since those are the books the Big Free Library won't take as donations. Then they switched to being a repository for donated food. But someone left raw meat in one, and the boxes disappeared after that. If we had a bocce ball court, people would be terribly perplexed for a short time before the balls disappeared.
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