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While dodgeball CAN be an issue, it doesn't have to be. We only played it at recess, not gym class, so all participation was voluntary.
As long as the ball isn't too hard and you keep the distance far enough to keep the throws from being too hard, it can be a fun game. Personally, I liked being up on the wall since I was often the last man standing. I wasn't quite so good at throwing.
In any case, perhaps it would be best if additional options were available at the same time for those students that want to opt out of the game.
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How does a counselor know if a student is in need? I don't think that getting good grades means students don't have other needs that might be helped by someone whose job it is to help students.
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I have two opinions. Neither are very complimentary.
Most of what she said was needless cruelty. No one needed to be reminded about the drunk teacher. Counselors are there to help students in need, not the valedictorian. It is not the office staff's job to find scholarships.
I had similar issues with my high school, so I dropped out and entered college early. Many first rate schools do not require graduation. She could have done the same. And, in case it matters, I was in the top 1% of the class.
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Good for her! (There is one point of grammar I would fix, bu this is not the place to play Grammar Nazi Expert.) Our education system is so flocked up, it doesn't need an overhaul - it needs to be torn down to the foundations and completely rebuilt.
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