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Fire-Breathing Dragon Bowl

Go ahead and sup from the bowl--if you can bear the flames.

DeviantART member aviceramics, who previously wowed us with her shark sushi plate and shark chip bowl, made this eye-popping soup bowl showing a raging dragon erupting from your food. She was inspired by the scorpion bowl, a group cocktail that is traditionally lit with a flame in the center.

The 10 Saddest Cartoon Episodes Ever

"Heart of Ice" is often regarded as the greatest episode of Batman: The Animated Series. In this beautifully-directed story, Mr. Freeze is the most sympathetic of Batman villains.

(Video Link)

It was a wrenching episode ranked among Watch Mojo's grand list of the 10 saddest cartoon episodes ever. Among them are tragedies from The Simpsons, Family Guy, Rugrats, and, most importantly, the Ice King origin story from Adventure Time.

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Strapping a Helicopter Camera Rig onto an Elephant

(Photo: Huy Cordley)

It can be hard enough to get human actors to perform properly on camera. For producers of nature documentaries, there are even greater challenges.

How do they do it? To find out, TechCrunch talked to Huw Cordley, a producer for many of the BBC's nature programs. The task requires a lot of creative problem solving:

“People are always developing new equipment,” Cordey says, half grinning, half sighing, as I imagine him waving at an enormous pile of Peli cases stacked in the corner of his no doubt stacked-to-the-rafters office, “which is perfect for us. If you think about it, wildlife hasn’t really changed what they have been doing since we started filming nature documentaries. Instead, we have to come up with new ways of telling their stories.”

Photographed above is one of those solutions. It's an 85-pound gyroscopically stabilized camera rig known as a helicopter rig because that's what it's commonly attached to. This time, though, Cordley and his team attached it to an elephant.

Preparing for the Future

(Bizarro Comics/Dan Piraro)

"Certainly, sir. Which 20-year old celebrity would you like to emulate?"

Pro tip: get the hairstyle that your grandfather wore at your age and you'll never look ridiculous.

Slave Leia Sailor Moon

Knockie Cosplay offers this beautifully executed mashup of Princess Leia in her slave outfit from Return of the Jedi and Chibiusa from Sailor Moon. She is accompanied by the cat Luna-P, now transformed into a fully operational Death Star.

You can see more cosplay photos of Knockie at her Instagram page, including pictures of her with a Jedi Sailor Moon cosplayer.

The Joy of Teaching

(Imogen Quest/Olivia Walch)

To fill young minds with a passion for learning and a fire to empower your conquest of the world is the bliss of the teacher. Embrace the challenge of teaching by building fail-safes into your doomsday devices so that they can never be used against you.

Dog Warns Girl in Horror Movie That She's in Mortal Peril

(Video Link)

Khaleesi, a 4-year old English Bulldog, loves to watch TV. Recently, she watched Guillermo del Toro's 2015 horror film Crimson Peak. She became alarmed when a supernatural menace approached and attacked a young girl.

"Run, run!" she barks. But the girl foolishly ignored Khaleesi.

The pup is really too young to be watching such scary movies. 

-via Laughing Squid

Daredevil Plans to Jump out of an Airplane at 25,000 Feet into a Net

(Image: Stride Gum)

UPDATE: He did it! And Aikins survived! You can watch the amazing video here.


Master skydiver Luke Aikins has had some close calls during his 18,000 jumps. But now he's taking new risks because for this jump, he won't have a parachute. Or a wingsuit. He's just going to jump out of a plane and, hopefully, land in a net on the ground.

Hollywood producers first pitched this insane idea to Aikins a couple years ago. He dismissed it immediately, but has contemplating it ever since. Aikins talked to France 24 news:

He said as much to his wife after a couple Hollywood guys looking to create the all-time-greatest reality TV stunt floated the idea by him a couple years ago.

"I said, 'You won't believe these guys,'" the affable skydiver recalls with a robust laugh. "'They want me to jump out without a parachute.' She said, 'Oh, with a wingsuit.' I said, 'No, they want me to do it with nothing.' We both had a good laugh about that."

But in the weeks that followed he couldn't shake one persistent thought: Could anybody actually do this and live to tell the tale?

Because if anyone could, Aikins wanted to be that guy.

The net, which is still under construction, will be a third of the size of a football field and held aloft 20 stories high by cranes. The design needs a bit of refinement:

The landing target, which has been described as similar to a fishing trawler net, has been tested repeatedly using dummies.

One of those 200-pound (91-kilogram) dummies didn't bounce out. It crashed right through.

-via Dave Barry

Thieves Inadvertently Save Dog Locked in Hot Truck

It was 9:15 in the morning in front of the Irish Nobleman Pub in Chicago. The temperature was already 80ºF and rising rapidly. The owner of the truck had locked his German Shepherd inside for over an hour.

A gang of 4 men walked along the street, smashing the windows of parked cars and snatching goods inside. When they got to the truck, they broke in to steal a laptop computer. The dog took the opportunity to leave the truck.

Video footage from a security camera in front of the pub captured the incident. Pub owner Declan Morgan tells CBS News that he doesn't have a lot of sympathy for the truck owner:

“He didn’t think it was a big deal that his dog was in there for an hour. I told him I would’ve smashed the window if I knew the dog was in there.”

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath

Little Boy Can't Understand Why Wire Bucket Can't Hold Water

(Video Link)

YouTube user RenoGeek and his son visited a children's museum. While there, the toddler tried to fill a wire mesh bucket with water. Unfortunately, the bucket was defective. It couldn't hold any water at all. I hope that he was able to get a refund for his admission ticket.

-via Tastefully Offensive

Chemist Invents Condom That Feels Like Human Skin

(Unrelated photo by Hey Paul Studios)

Some men eschew wearing condoms during intercourse because the plastic barrier reduces the sensitivity of the penile skin. Dr. Shengxi Chen, a biochemist at Arizona State University, thinks that he's found a solution to that problem. His condom mimics the reaction of water to human skin. USA Today explains:

Most condoms repel water. That's the opposite of human skin, which loves and contains a lot of water, making condoms feel unnatural, Chen said.

Chen added materials to latex to create condoms that are eight times more water-loving than natural latex condoms, as well as stronger and more flexible, according to his tests.

It feels smoother and softer, and it's proven under a microscope: Water flows into the material as opposed to sitting in a ball on top, and the texture appears smoother than most condoms, he said.

Chen is currently seeking FDA approval to test his condom on humans.

-via Glenn Reynolds

SymGym Is a Full Body Video Game Controller

(Photo: SymGym)

There's no need for a video game to plant you on a couch. You can get a complete workout. SymGym provides that with an exercise machine that controls a video game. Pump your arms and your legs to move, turn, dodge, punch, and more.

There are already exercise platforms for video games, such as Kinect and Wii. Gizmag explains that SymGym is different because it provides variable resistence based upon situations in a game. For example, heavy objects in the game are heavy in the machine. Running uphill in the game is physically harder on the player. This provides a more realistic gameplay experience.

-via Bit Rebels

Extreme Sport: Running on LEGO on a Treadmill

Stepping on a LEGO block is painful. Running on them is even worse. But, precisely, how much worse? The researchers at Dude! Where's My Challenge? decided to find out. They took turns pouring LEGO blocks onto a treadmill while a colleague ran on it barefoot.

(Video Link)

It turns out that LEGO blocks provide a suboptimal running surface. The gentlemen endured the torture long enough to cut themselves while performing this feat.

Content warning: foul language.

-via Geekologie

This Amazing Guitar Has 52 Strings!

(Video Link)

For 40 years, professional luthier Linda Manzer has made some of the finest guitars in the world. So she was the right craftsman for Danish musician Henrick Andersen to approach to build this bizarre instrument.

The Medusa has 52 strings, which include harp strings, as well as 3 necks. Manzer designed it to reflect a crazy cartoon that Andersen drew:

In the video above, Manzer describes the Medusa, then Andersen plays it. Impressively, he does so with only 2 hands.

-via Laughing Squid

The Longest Whip Crack in the World Was over 238 Feet Long

Adam Winrich is a master of the whip. He's set 21 Guinness World Records related to his art. Most recently, he added to that list the longest whip ever cracked. Watch Winrich snap a whip that is 238 feet and 3 inches long!

(Video Link)

Even with a 2-handed overhand throw, it's amazing that he was able to create enough energy to send a wave through the manila rope for such an incredible distance.

-via Gizmodo

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