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Sending 15,000 Volts through Wood


Melanie Hoff, a student at the Pratt Institute in New York City, wanted to see the results of channeling a lot of electricity through a sheet of plywood. At the link, you can watch a cool time-lapse video of the Lichtenberg figures--the branching patterns of electricity--spreading through the wood.

Link | Melanie Hoff's Photostream

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Abraham Lincoln Wrote Poetry


Like everything else he took to, Abraham Lincoln was a self-trained as a poet. He started at the task during boyhood, often using verse for satirical purposes. Here, however, is a selection from his more somber 1846 piece "My Child-Hood Home I See Again":

My child-hood home I see again,
And gladden with the view;
And still as mem'ries crowd my brain,
There's sadness in it too--
O memory! thou mid-way world
'Twixt Earth and Paradise;
Where things decayed, and loved ones lost
In dreamy shadows rise--
And freed from all that's gross or vile,
Seem hallowed, pure, and bright,
Like scenes in some enchanted isle,
All bathed in liquid light--

His last known poem was written on July19, 1863, after Union forces repelled a Southern invasion. Lincoln wrote it in the voice of General Robert E. Lee:

Gen. Lee’s invasion of the North written by himself—
In eighteen sixty three, with pomp,
and mighty swell,
Me and Jeff’s Confederacy, went
forth to sack Phil-del,
The Yankees they got arter us, and
giv us particular hell,
And we skedaddled back again,
And didn’t sack Phil-del.

Link -via @brainpicker

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Grilled Cornflakes Crusted Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich


Emily made the cornflakes stick to the outside of the bread by spreading an egg and milk mixture on them. Ingenious! Oh, not that use of egg and milk. But even thinking of adding cornflakes to a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich and then grilling it. You can find her complete recipe at the link.

Link -via Foodbeast

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Girlfriend Leads Photographer around the World

Hong Kong



Murad Osmann, a Russian video producer, would follow his girlfriend anywhere. As they travel the world, Nataly Zakharova leads him by the hand on grand adventures. You can see more of their travels at the link.

Link -via Twisted Sifter

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Forever Alone

Fate Date

Carl had loved Dana from afar for far too long. Finally, he worked up the courage to ask her out. Success! Now everything will be perfect, as this comic by Kristian Nygård predicts.

Link -via Blame It on the Voices

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Baseball Player Does a Flip While Catching the Ball

(Video Link)

You've got to see this catch! Brett Williams plays center field for North Carolina State University. Last Wednesday, in a game against New Mexico State University, he dove for the ball and completed a body flip while catching it.

Link -via Ace of Spades HQ

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A Calvin and Hobbes Wedding

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes

Getting married can be like stepping into a transmorgifier, so Stephanie and Jonathan had the right idea for a wedding theme. Their invitations and wedding cake toppers were inspired by Bill Watterson's classic comic. Calvin and Hobbes themselves served as ringbearers.

Link | Photos: Junshien Lau

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TARDIS Soda Machine


Epic Comics in Orlando, Florida has the most epic soda machine ever grown. (Doctor) Who wants a drink? Given the options, I'll take a Pepsi.

How often do you think the owners have to refill it?

Link -via Nerd Bastards

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Doctor Who Crocheted Fingerless Gloves

Eleventh Doctor gloves

"Time catches up with us all, Doctor."
"Well, it has never laid a glove on me!"

That may change, Doctor. Bobbie Bomber crocheted these fingerless gloves to match the outfit of the Eleventh Doctor. 

Link -via Doctor Who Crafts

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Matchstick Men



Wolfgang Stiller's Matchstick Men series consists of enormous matches shaped and burned to look like human heads, as well as matchboxes to scale. He gave an interview with Michael Corbin about the project, discussing the development and exhibition of his Matchstick Men. But it was this statement that grabbed my attention:

It might sound conservative, but I'm much more interested in matured artists and not so much into really young artists. Nowadays artists start showing right after graduating or even during their studies. The art world became a bit like the pop industry. One has to be "young and fresh."  No one wants to miss the newest trend.  I really don't care for that.  An artist needs time to develop his or her own language and to be quite frank, I think someone who is 23 rarely has anything substantial to offer.

Do you agree or disagree with Stiller?

Gallery and Interview -via Lustik

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Toaster Toasts V-Shaped Toast



Zlil Lazarovich has solved a specific problem that you may not even be aware of. Let's say that you want to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on one folded slice of toasted bread. How can you do this with a piece of bread that has been toasted flat? With the Toaster & Knife! This gadget toasts bread in a V-shape.

Now, the next problem for the peanut butter and jelly sandwich perfectionist: icky cross-contamination from using one knife to apply both peanut butter and jelly to the toast. Now, with the double-headed spreader, you can keep both ingredient reservoirs clean and tidy.

Link -via Foodiggity

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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20-Sided Die Engagement Ring


At the end of a Dungeons & Dragons session, Babelglyph proposed to her girlfriend with a custom engagement ring that looks like a 20-sided die. Why? Besides being gamers, Babelglyph writes that "...I do feel like I rolled a natural 20 when I started dating her."

At the link, you can see a +2 sweet video of the marriage proposal.


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Super Mario Bros. Mushrooms in a Grocery Store



Is your life meter low? Forget the portabellas. You need mushrooms from the Mushroom Kingdom. Aidan Glynn, an artist in Toronto, shopdropped these mushrooms at a local grocery store.

Link -via Foodbeast

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Sailor Moon vs. The Incredible Hulk

Sailor Moon

With airbrushes and spraypaint, Tom Thewes creates vivid, fractal murals and images on wood. This painting, entitled "GRRLpower," is rather formulaic. No, really. Here's how he describes it:

(Wrath) = aerosol enamel + airbrushed acrylic + toner + staples + Grandma's cedar closet + toy boxes + instructions + other found paper + store-bought frame + screws + screweyes + glass + wire = DEADLY sin #4 = 44” x 30”

Link -via Hi-Fructose

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Needle Felted Harry Potter Kindle Cover

Harry Potter

Inspired by the book jacket on a print edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Almost Summer felted this Kindle cover for a friend. She folded it in half to form a pouch.

Link -via Geek Crafts

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Star Wars Fruits and Vegetables




It's up to Chewbanna, Peia, Leek Skywalker and Yotato to save the galaxy. Nela Krzewniak, a Polish artist living in the Netherlands, envisioned a highly edible version of Star Wars.

Artist's Website -via Landa Calrissian

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Teenager's 10-Mile Walk in the Snow to a Job Interview Lands Him a Job

ReaganJhaqueil Reagan, 18, has grit.

Last week, he was walking to a job interview in Indianapolis--ten miles, through the snow. A local restraurant owner met him on the journey, learned what he was doing, and saw the potential for a great employee. He promptly offered Reagan a job:

Reagan was spotted by a local restaurant owner last Friday walking 10 miles to a job interview for a cashier position at a local thrift store.  When the restaurant owner, Art Bouvier, realized the trek Reagan was willing to make, he hired him on the spot for an entry-level position at his Papa Roux restaurant.

“I have employees who can’t get here to work on time even though they have cars and very comfortable houses,” Bouvier said.  “Here’s a kid who planned his morning to walk three hours and 10 miles in the snow just for an interview.”

“If you’ll do that, you’ll definitely show up for work on time so I thought, ‘Yeah, I want you,’” he said.

One of Bouvier's customers heard Reagan's story and gave him thirteen one-month bus passes so that Reagan won't have to walk to work.

Link (warning: auto-sound) -via Ace of Spades HQ | Photo: WISHTV

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President Eisenhower Was a Painter


I had no idea! General and later President Dwight Eisenhower was, like his wartime colleague Winston Churchill, a painter. He took up the hobby at the age of 58. Sister Wendy Beckett, the famous art historian, writes:

If we really look at this mountain path framed with evergreens, we begin to notice, as the artist did, many stray touches of color, yellows and pinks, that tie the whole picture together tonally. Who but the artist himself dare call this a "daub"? No great art, needless to say, but pleasing art, art that has a lyrical sweetness to it, however unassumingly expressed.

Link -via Weird Universe | Images: Eisenhower Library

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Adorable Family Doctor Who Cosplay

Doctor Who

Why is the mom dressed as the TARDIS? Because the Doctor has only one true love: her. This supercute family was spotted at Katsucon in Washington, D.C.:

As I asked to take this photo, Dad says “OK girls, point your plungers” and they promptly looked at me and said the keyword to my heart … EX-TER-MI-NATE!

Link -via Fashionably Geek

P.S. Here, you can see photos of the Dalek girls slaying the Tenth Doctor. The crowd seems the enjoy the downfall of our hero.

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Intricate Pencil Sculptures




How does he do it? How does cerkahegyzo manage to shape the lead so precisely without shattering it? I want to see a video of him at work.

Gallery -via Twisted Sifter

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Why Buy Jeans When You Can Lease Them?

Is it ridiculous? Remember: some people will buy pre-ripped and faded jeans. Don't ask me why, but they do. So maybe the premise of Bert van Son's Lease Jeans has potential:

Customers pay a one-off 20 euro fee ($27), covering shipment and admin, and then 5 euros a month for a year (80 euros in total). At the end of the contract, they have three options. They can send the jeans back. They can get a new pair, paying a reship cost and the lease fee. Or, they can choose to keep the jeans, paying another four months at 5 euro plus a further 20 euro deposit. That goes towards another pair, when they eventually need one. Since launching in January at a jazz club in Amsterdam, several hundred people have signed up.

Next up: underwear rentals!

News Story and Company Website -via Unconsumption

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Do-Ho Suh, an innovative artist that we've featured previously, just unveiled this amazing sculpture at the New Orleans Museum of Art. "Karma" is a 23-foot tower of 98 men perched on each other's shoulders and obstructing each other's vision. What does it mean?

Link | Photo: Alan Teo

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Yarn Bombed Pay Phone

yarn bomb

That old public pay phone isn't obsolete! It just needs a software update. Jill and Lorna added a bit of yarn to turn it into a smartphone. Now you can tweet, Instagram and play Angry Birds. At the link, you can see photos of Jill and Lorna installing it.

Link -via Makin'ology

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Internet Famous

cat videos

But, honestly, it's not like you were doing anything with it? Amirite? Haha...ha...


I'll be under my desk with a bottle of whiskey. 

Link -via Daily of the Day

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Pony Portal Connects Germany and Argentina

Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie

M99moron's clever photography project lets My Little Pony's Pinkie Pie easily escape the winter cold. He worked with ShinodaGE, the famous brony street artist based in Argentina. When you look through the German side, you can see a beach in Argentina. When you look through the Argentine side, you can see the snowdrifts of Germany.

Do you want to send Pinkie Pie on more travels? At the link, you can find the template that M99moron used. Now if you'll excuse me, I must begin squealing with delight.

Link -via Equestria Daily

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The Street Art of Brad Downey






Think of Brad Downey as an uncooperative urban planner. Here's how he describes how the city calls to him:

For me, everything is inspirational, But, mostly the city. It is the place that humans dump all their vices and virtues. It is a completely human world. It tries to shut out all other forms of life. Art is about the human experience. But, Art lives on longer than one lifetime. It has the power to change things about the past, present and future. It can affect life that follows it. Art is not life it is the product of life. It is meant to teach and question the nature of the human experience. 

Artist's Website and Interview -via Rebel Art

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Pop Culture Bridal Bouquets

Angry Birds


RBK Creations (the initials stand for real bad kitty) makes custom bouquets and boutineers out of felt and satin. I want to attend a wedding where Animal officiates.

Link -via When Geeks Wed

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Looping Vespa


Indonesian artist Eddi Prabandono has a love for the eccentric and absurd. We've previously featued his 25-ton sculpture of his daughter's head. This piece, entitled "After Party #3," adds just a bit of sheet metal to a Vespa scooter.

Link | Artist Bio

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Cardboard Couture


Every year, art and design students at Strode College in the UK use old cardboard to make fashionable costumes. One professor describes the impact the project has on students:

Duncan Cameron, Strode College's Sculpture Teacher, said: "We always kick of the year with a project to warm up the students' creativity after the summer holidays and to get them working together. They've shown great design and construction skills and created some fantastic costumes using only recycled cardboard, brown tape, paper and string. We've had a great time working with them - watching their ideas develop and their confidence grow. I think we're in for a great year of art and design at Strode.

Link -via Unconsumption

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Boombox Planter

boombox planter

Back in college, when I had an obsessive/compulsive insomniac nudist roomate who played one particular Michael Jackson song over and over again on a continuous loop, I wish that I had thought of this option for silencing his boombox.

-via Gardens in Unexpected Places | Photo: unknown

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