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That reminds me of an anecdote Solzhenitsyn included in one of his books. There was a news story about a wooly mammoth discovered frozen in Siberia. The animal was so well-preserved that people ate the meat "with relish". The point of the news story was to show how intact the specimen was. Solzhenitsyn (and probably every other Russian who read it) saw in that statement the desperate hunger of the citizens who would eat thousands-of-years old meat.
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Like any mobile home, you have to come up with your own neighborhood. The cost of the land, the transportation, set up, and running utillities (if neccessary) would increase your total output considerably.
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I know of a little boy who was born missing an outer ear. They've tried twice to graft skin and make him one, but it failed both times. This would be the kind of structure that just might work for him!
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I wonder (and its none of my business) if they pay for one or two school lunches. Sure, they both eat, but they only get one tray, and they probably don't consume as much as two separate girls would.
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My 9-year-old just asked what I was laughing at. I explained the question, and she said "the moon" right off. I told her about the audience survey, and she said "oh, come on." She thought I was pulling her leg!
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The company promotes it as a way to have your room decor unspoiled by a TV. I wouldn't consider that important. The main advantage I see is the rotation. Whether that justifies the expense is another question.
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