The Hensel Twins.

Conjoined Twins - video powered by Metacafe

Abby and Brittany Hensel are the conjoined twins from Minnesota you may remember from the TV special Joined for Life. They share many body organs, and each twin controls one arm and leg, but they coodinate so well they seem to move as one. Now almost 17 years old, here’s an update of how Abbby and Brittany are doing in high school. Push play or go to MetaCafe.

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I can't believe their mother did not get adequate prenatal care. This is disgusting. one thing that really bothers is me is how they only get filmed if their is money involved. It's okay to go on Oprah long as they are getting paid.
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Dear Abby n Brittaney - if u ever read this post.

'Wow'. you young ladies are amazing. I just watched a short programme about you both. You are an inspiration to the World. you're experience in compromising and co-operating with one another should result in you gals helping the worlds warring nations to find peace and unity! if i may be permitted to say a few things which i hope is not out of turn as i have never met you both.

The media use n abuse all they can for personal gain. Learn to use them for your own gain.

Study hard! do well at school, university etc and know that there are NO limits to what you can both acheive together.

Do everything you can to make you mother happy. I'm sure you already do. I can't imagine the challnges she has gone through for you both and she should be number one in your lives no matter what... Mrs Hensel - i salute you!

If ever in Scotland please get in touch with me - i'd love to spend some time with you both.

Lastly - study Islam purely for the sake of knowledge and out of interest.

I am sure the entire world feels the right to impart advice to you and understand you may be offended by my comments. For this i profusely apologise. I know that you will both do as you please and so you should, however i have thought about this and feel that its the best advice in the universe my humble little mind can think of.

Good luck to you both

Jay - Scotland
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I am a twin and my twin and I shared everything growing up. We always had the same best friend. We are very close to this day. We never did have the same boyfriend. Once a guy dated my sister, he was a brother to me. If my twin and I were conjoined though, I could see having one boyfriend/husband. If you guys ever read this, my twin and I think twins are a special race of people. The world would be a better place if everyone was a twin. We don't get it when twins are not best friends. We've had our moments, but we've always made up fast. When we were little we even had our own language. Twins rule!
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i watched this loads of times and i think their cool and i thinki why they can tell what to do is eithewr psychic or via the spinal cord. it would be nice to see them growning up just to see how they cope with life
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I just watched the documentary on you tube. wow they are both amazing girls! i really admire them! they are so coordinated! to be able to drive, play the piano, swim, play sport, type on a computer etc is just amazing!! i wish you both the very best in life!! please keep us updated!
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