The Dishmaker: Fabricate Your Own Plates and Bowls.

Leonardo Bonanni, Sam Sarcia, Subodh Paudel, and Ted Selker created this prototype machine that makes acrylic dishwares on demand! After you're done with, say, a plate, simply "melt" back the material using this "personal fabricator interface" to make a bowl.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via VideoSift | Leonardo's website - Thanks James Roe!

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For all the reasons just mentioned, the product itself isn't particularly useful, but I do think he's onto something with the concept, and the ideas he's trying to promote. Current recycling processes can be inefficient and have questionable results. Bringing ways of recycling our products, ourselves, directly into our homes is in itself a pretty revolutionary idea.
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"You dont have to worry about cleaning your dishes"

Unless his machine is a dishwasher too I doubt that the acrylic is going to stay clean. Very unhealthy too if the food remain trapped inside the dishes.

"A heater raises up to soften the acrylic at about 300° fahrenheit."

Must be a pain to make dishes for a whole family during heat waves. 300°F = about 150°C. All I know is that above 100°C water boil and during heat waves I dont want to be boiling any water.

"The dismaker is a prototype machine that shows that we can make a variety of products within the home and recycle them into new products instead of having to always buy things and throw them away, taking up landfill and extra energy."

Acrylic is less biodegradable then glass or clay... i hope that's a fact. So how would this save landfill and extra energy? I dont think we break dishes that often that someone must stand and say "let's do something about that polution" like wtf... The trouble with landfill polution is elsewhere obviously.

And what if the dishmaker break or malfunction... you're screwed right?
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