American Gun Owners in their Homes

Since the founding of the United States, guns have remained an integral, yet controversial, component of American culture. The passion for guns held by many Americans stretches across all social and racial boundaries, as illustrated by Krause Books' photo series entitled Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes.

The photographs are very well done, and the juxtaposition between owner and type of gun owned is sometimes surprising.

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The second amendment is about fighting tyrannical government. It is about the right to the means to oppose the state. It is NOT about hunting.

Opposition to the private ownership of weapons is tantamount to worship and approval of the state and its monopolization on the use of violence.

If I own my life then I have unadulterated property rights with that life, with that body. Seeing as that is true, I have the right to defend that property from the forceful aggression of others. From ALL others. From street thugs to jack booted thugs, from thief to state thief. Any attempt to bar me from that basic right to protect my life on any grounds, or to restrict the tools to do so, is a violation of my right to my own life.
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i live in a country where its really hard to own a gun, yet its one of the most liberal contries around, yeah we can do drugs, drink and watch porn when we are 18 (16 for beer), and yet, stil our crime rates are lower and homocides way lower than the usa (and its one of the most densly populated countries so the rular argument wont fly ...but yeah...we are not free because we dont own guns? THINK AGAIN

(the Netherlands)
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You Americans kill me.
More to the point, you kill each other.
"People that hate guns hate freedom."
That's classic!
If it weren't so pathetic, it would be funny.
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Ya, thought the photos were a little weird the first time I saw them...

By the way, a very lengthy history of the 2nd ammendment up to its ratification....
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