"What Orbits the Earth?"

Is it Mars, Venus, the moon, or the sun? The French title of this video is "Who wants to win a neuron?" You could beat this guy (and you can get the gist of this clip) even if you don't speak French. Via Just Elite

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HAHAH OMFG....every comment i have read so far is one of three things:

1-Equally stupid as the french guy
2-Empty and senseless
3-Even more stupid

Yeah i like the world i reaaaally like it hahah, one guy telling shit because he/it doesnt know a pre-school question and other guys telling elementary school stuff to explain the relations between matter hahah i like it
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Of the typical trivia-type questions I have found people are most ignorant on space/solar system/astronomy than anything else... BY FAR.

Most people don't have a clue about anything in space.... and yes that includes what orbits what. (or even what orbiting really is)
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ok, i have to clear a thing or two about this french bashing for i work on the same channel of the millionaire, writing questions and trivias for another quizz show that is even more popular around here...

it is a little bit embarrassing to explain and i'm not even sure i'm allowed to do so, i don't know if there's any kind of clearance on this type of info...
the candidates are casted : if you're a ph.d. and you show up to earn some easy bucks they'll give you a polite "ok, but go fuck yourself please"... the smarter and educated you are, the more chance you have to make big money and it's certainly not an option for a tv producer... moreover dumb people are good for audience... so the contestants are casted to ressemble to their target : very popular, not educated, tv-smarts not booksmarts... still, if they are more stupid than your audience, it's better because cruelty works...

the french people who wants something more hardcore will look at "questions pour un champion" (question for a champion) which exists since the 80's... there you will see brutal smartasses capable of telling in which year heiddegger theorized the dasein, who are specialists of cucurbitaceae, the elizabethan era, or whatever... but what you will win is a bunch of encyclopedias, not a million euro...

this may sound pretty much cynical but, hey, it's TV show designed to sell mass-advertisement, not a GNO =)
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Oh, and the elephant-moon thing is complete bunk also (as Andy suggested). Here's a better link:

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