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10 Weirdest USB-Powered Accessories for Your Computer

Fosfor Gadgets has a list of the ten weirdest USB-powered accessories available for your computer, including a functional George Foreman grill and heated slippers. My personal favorite, though, is the self-destruct device depicted on the left. I'd love to re-enact the self-destruct scene from the classic Star Trek episode "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield."

Link via Double Plus Undead

The Chainsaw Bayonet

I'm not a fan of chainsaws as anti-zombie weapons, despite their use by the great Ash. But this variant of the chainsaw intrigues me. It's a small chainsaw mounted on a semi-automatic rifle as a bayonet. It would make the rifle absurdly heavy, but it would also provide some safety in the event that a zombie gets within four or five feet -- when the rifle would become ineffective.

(Video Link)

I'm rethinking the Max Brooks-endorsed M1 carbine as my anti-zombie weapon of choice. .30 carbine ammo is rather unusual, and in the event of a Stage 4 zombie apocalypse, I wouldn't want to be scrounging around for it in vain.

Neatorama readers, what is your preferred anti-zombie weapon?

Via Confederate Yankee

Cat Haiku

Will Braden, the writer behind the short film Henri, recently featured on Neatorama, is also a composer of cat-themed haiku. Here are a few samples:

oh, I scratched the couch

does that upset you? you mad?

you had me neutered

I love to eat grass

though it makes me sick each time

like you and vodka

I lounge in the sun

savoring the morning scents

have fun at your job


How To Cook on Your Car Engine While Driving

(Video Link)

Howcast shows you how to bake a meal on your car engine while driving. At the end of a long workday, you can wrap a few ingredients in tin foil, toss it on your radiator, and have a hot meal waiting you when you arrive home. Run time: 2.5 minutes.

Via Bits & Pieces

50' Tall Lava Lamp Planned for Soap Lake, Washington

With the approval of the city council, Soap Lake, Washington is planning to build a giant lava lamp in the center of town in order to draw tourists. The lava lamp, proponents argue, stands for Soap Lake's unique geologic history. Also, it would be totally cool.

Link via Urlesque

The Ennui of Henri

(Video Link)
A black-and-white French art film about the existential angst experienced by a house cat. By Will Braden. Run time: 2.5 minutes.

Via Popped Culture

Enterprise (D) Takes on a Super Star Destroyer

(Video Link)

Yes, we've all been subjected to Star Wars vs. Star Trek videos before, but this one is really, really good. Run time: 5 minutes, 36 seconds.

Via Topless Robot

The 40 Best TV Theme Songs

(Video Link)

Josh Jackson of Paste Magazine has assembled what he considers to be the best TV theme songs ever. Unfortunately, Exosquad and Robotech were not on the list, but I've got to agree with his selection of the theme to The A-Team at #28.

Link via Ace of Spades

If the Book of Genesis Was a Facebook Page

College Humor presents the Book of Genesis, if it had originally been written as a Facebook page. The image above is the first page. via Geekologie

A Grape-Sized Single-Cell Organism

Trace fossils of the Cambrian Gromia sphaerica were recently discovered off the coast of the Bahamas. Although paleontologists had previously assumed that these were multicellular organisms, this particular set of fossils indicate that these giants -- up to 3 cm in diameter -- were single-celled.

Link via Radley Balko

Beer Belly

If you want to sneak beer into an event (e.g. football games, theaters, church) but not pay over-inflated prices from vendors inside, then you might want to get a Beer Belly. It's a bota bag that fits over your belly like a few too many trips to Chili's.

Link via Bits & Pieces

Giant Sculpture of Darth Vader and Yoda Carved out of Butter

An old, but good story:

Each year at the Tulsa State Fair, an artist is commissioned to make a sculpture out of butter. In past years, cows, farmers, and baseball players were created out of hundreds of pounds of butter. This year, in celebration of Star Wars’s final episode, TSF is featuring Darth Vader and Yoda, all dairy-like.


Payment Spider Sold on eBay

Previously on Neatorama, we've read the story of a man who tried to pay a bill with a doodle of a spider. Contributor Ali S. commented "I would buy that spider and the story if I could!" Well, Ali, you're a little late. It was just sold on eBay for $10,000.

Link via Bits & Pieces

Dinnerware Set Forms a Map of Europe

This eight-plate set displays most of Europe with a set of interlocking ceramic dinner plates. A Russia plate is, unfortunately, not yet available, as it keeps on breaking up while still in the factory.

Link via Nerd Approved

Lunch Bag Art

Lunch Bag Art is a blog by an anonymous artist who draws elaborate pictures on his kids' lunch bags.

Link via Urlesque

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