Company Offers to Carve Advertisements on the Surface of the Moon

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This start-up proposes to use robots to carve the lunar surface dust into patterns that could serve as advertisements. I'm skeptical due to the sheer scale of the task -- the number of robots necessary over a very long period of time. Still, people said that we'd never have bacon flavored vodka, but scientists and engineers overcame the obstacles. Anyway, we know from an episode of The Tick that it can be done.

Link via Popular Science

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Surely it can't be feasible. The area required would be enormous for a few robots to cover. Add to that that the moons terrain over such a distance will make it also prohibitive.
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Looks like a simple publicity stunt and nothing more. Come on guys, don't let it get to you. The guy's simply trying to get some free name recognition.
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I'm reminded of the Family Guy episode where Ted Turner (I believe) states that he "colorized the moon". But seriously, this is screwed up. Like, get my bat with a nail driven through it screwed up.
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