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Can't blame you for holding off on printing the story because it seemed impossible to be true. How is this not servitude? And if it's really all about "a modicum of financial independence" then why are they spending it all on luxury consumer goods and services? The wife in the linked New York Post article makes the following claim:

"That’s not to say I’m just frittering my bonus away. I also try to save my share for things that matter. My mother passed away shortly before we married, and I used some of the money she left me to buy my bespoke $4,500 wedding dress by the designer Naomi Neoh."

She used her inheritance to buy a one-time-use dress? This is a very screwed up population.
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Some people read so quickly that they know the answer after only the first few words have been spoken.

I know about a half-dozen friends - all very smart people - who were on the show and they all agree that skill in hitting the buzzer exactly right is 90% of the game.
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Ah, new parents, who know more than the generation who raised them about how to take care of babies!

Plus, they're repeating the urban legend that names on clothing is why children get abducted, when in fact the vast majority are abducted by people who know them (and their name) already.
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A.J. has learned a lot since he started this. At first it seemed like his naive enthusiasm was going to override fact and common sense, but he has done a decent amount of research at this point and has figured out how to explain it in layman's terms to those who haven't done the research. June 6th is a bad date for anyone who has school-aged children to fly in, but it shouldn't be hard for an Ashkenazi (one of the most endogamic populations in the world) to find at least 4,516 "cousins" in the NY area.
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Remember the old Bongo Board from the 1970s? They're updated now, and even better for general exercise and balance, as well as specifically good for off-season practice for surfers and snowboarders. But there are moving parts, and one must concentrate to a certain extent (TV viewing is OK, verifying totals on a budget sheet, not so much). This looks like a great scaled down version for when you need to keep more of your brain on task elsewhere.

edited to add, be sure to have a floor/carpet protector under this, because there will be an issue with wear. And if you have wood floors, keep in mind the rolling pressure will cause creaking after a while.
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