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In fact, a local business owner tried to pay off the debt on behalf of the families, and the school refused to allow him to do so.
It's not about the money, it's about shaming and degrading families for being poor.
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Vegetarian for decades, with vegan family members. This is an almost nutrition-less and tasteless salad. Lots of ways to make excellent tasty vegan lasagna. This is not any of those ways.
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So the city has a right to find it offensive, but not a person who may be a victim of this sort of prejudice? Is this an offshoot of the "corporations have more human rights than people do" rule?
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One of my daughters was taken out on a first date by a boy raised like this. It freaked her out so much that she wouldn't go on a second date with the boy, whom she truly did like but it was like the Rubicon had been crossed and so he wasn't willing to be "just a friend" or step back at all, and there was no way she would continue being a "girlfriend" in that scenario. It was all rigid gender roles, even when it made no practical sense; for example, he insisted on taking 2 hours of public transportation (3 changes of vehicle) each way to get to the restaurant because he didn't have access to a car and wouldn't allow us to drive him instead. Which I had to do anyway, to get her there. WTH? Gave her a rose at the table, wore a suit, the whole nine yards. It felt like she was being interviewed for the job of girlfriend, and she would have to stay in the role of "girl" so that he could be the "boy". Mutual respect and interest don't work that way. If he had just taken her to a movie or a cafe and allowed the first date to be casual, they'd probably still be going out. The point of good manners is to respect and support other people, not follow etiquette rules from the 19th century.
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I don't understand how there are still leaves on that gingko tree? They're known for being a species that loses all of their leaves on the same day. And if there are several gingkos near each other, they'll all lose their leaves within a day or so of each other.
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Don't test at 23andMe, for a variety of reasons, but autosomal DNA testing at Ancestry or FamilyTreeDNA would be a smart idea. They don't have to be actual twins to be closely related, and if they grew up in different areas they could in fact be identical twins despite the height difference.
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