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Don't test at 23andMe, for a variety of reasons, but autosomal DNA testing at Ancestry or FamilyTreeDNA would be a smart idea. They don't have to be actual twins to be closely related, and if they grew up in different areas they could in fact be identical twins despite the height difference.
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That's how he writes at 13? The time would be better spent doing his homework or finding a better school.

BTW, kids using Powerpoint to make their argument with their parents isn't unusual. One of ours does it for the birthday gift wish list, which seems to be a common choice.
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Once while home from school for several days, thanks to boredom I memorized about half of the first handbook: How Girls Can Help Their Country – Handbook for Girl Scouts (1913). It was priceless, both for useful info (I can still recite all points on the mariner compass) and wacky:

"How To Secure a Burglar With Eight Inches of Cord

Make a slip-knot at each end of your cord. Tie the burglar's hands behind him by passing each loop over his little fingers. Place him face downwards, and bend his knees. Pass both feet under the string, and he will be unable to get away."

"Place him face downwards" gets me chuckling every time.
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I'm a huge fan of family traditions, but in reading the entire article, which describes the process they went through to "restore" the dress, I have to say that they did NOT restore the dress to its original look (as intended), and botched it in ways that make it look hideous, especially on this most recent wearer.
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How the questions and answers are worded is a little tricky, and could explain some of the errors.

I feel OK with my answers, because refraction, etc. was never a strong suit for me, so the fact that that I got the magnifying glass one wrong is a fair reflection (hah) of my weakness there.
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Whoever the lady is on the right, she handled it beautifully: officially got the story out, made it be more than just about the Kardashians (naming a pet after your father), supported her co-worker in his time of need, and helped him calm down without ever losing her own cool. Good job!
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