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The real secret to teaching a kid to drive is to start out in a safe place. We went from pasture to parking lot to cemetery to quiet neighborhood to downtown to highway. They had driven a lot before they actually had contact with traffic, so it was fairly smooth compared to other techniques I've seen.
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So last year I was in a game reserve in South Africa and the game masters let us get out of the topless jeep to go see the cheetahs. So the game masters told me that the cheetahs see a standing adult as something too large to take down so as long as we stayed standing and grouped together we had very little to worry about. This seemed to check out as the cheetahs really didn't pay any attention to us (we didn't get any closer than about 15 meters). These fools however had a child which looks like a nice size food source and they also turned their backs to the cats.
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Men and women are equal and should be treated with equal respect. Good manners should apply to men as well as women. What she is learning him is to treat women differently than men, and that is the same mechanism that made someone hurt her in the past. It does not matter if she teaches him to put women on pedestals or to think they are inferior, it is an unnatural archaic discrepancy.

Also, a 6yo has not fully developed empathy yet, and for me treating other well is in big part an empathy action.
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Well, see, there's a problem with the experiment design. Doing a double-blind study on boo-boo kisses is like studying placebos when the subject doesn't even know they are getting any kind of medication. You've buried the variable.
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Shatner NO longer looks like he did in his Hey Days as 'KIRK the captain of the USS Enterprise!' He got fat and unfit and no longer represented what fans expected of their USS Enterprise Captain.
It sucks when you get old and are no longer the idols people hope and want you to be. Live your dreams. Let your life become what you need it to be. BUT UNDERSTAND THAT ALL OF US WILL BECOME OLD AND WILL DISMAY OTHERS. IT IS A HARD TRUTH BUT THERE IT IS...
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