Forget Treadmill Desks. You Need a Surfboard Desk!

Office furniture designers have a goal: to annoy workers as much as possible. They want to make office work even more unpleasant, so they've invented devices like treadmill desks, hamster wheel desks, punching bag keyboards, and full-body mouse controllers. This is, of course, precisely the wrong direction we should be moving in. The optimal work position is supine in a comfortable bed.

One popular take on this concept is that terrible yet persistent idea: the standing desk. A standing desk requires that you stand whenever you need to do work, instead of sitting in a comfortable chair. If you're in reasonably good health, you can probably stand up for a long time. Maybe even an entire work shift. Perhaps the experience isn't so awful after all.

(Photo: Fluid Stance)

That's where Joel Heath's The Level comes in to rescue you from the dangers of comfort and contentment. It's a surfboard-like platform on an unstable base. To keep upright, you have to constantly shift your body with tiny movements. 

-via Marilyn Terrell

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Remember the old Bongo Board from the 1970s? They're updated now, and even better for general exercise and balance, as well as specifically good for off-season practice for surfers and snowboarders. But there are moving parts, and one must concentrate to a certain extent (TV viewing is OK, verifying totals on a budget sheet, not so much). This looks like a great scaled down version for when you need to keep more of your brain on task elsewhere.

edited to add, be sure to have a floor/carpet protector under this, because there will be an issue with wear. And if you have wood floors, keep in mind the rolling pressure will cause creaking after a while.
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"Forget Treadmill Desks. You Need a Surfboard Desk!"

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