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Oh, poor cat who wants to escape from her vicious owner! Nowhere is safe and now she's enslaved by a human intoxicated by toxoplasma again.
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I can imagine many commenters here must imagine all the writhing pain of all the meat before they eat them, while cowardly delegate the job of the executioner to the chefs and the butchers. Every piece of sushi, every piece of filet mignon and every piece of chicken nugget is the result of the constant screaming of muscles and cells being sheared and torn - an afterlife battle for the unity of their bodies! Oh, the horror.

And if one is a vegetarian because of that, then I'd just say that one is just an Animalist - he doesn't eat animals because he can relate to them, but he eat vegetables because he can't relate to the pain of every plant cells when his teeth crawl through them and shredding every single piece of nuclei and cell wall.

Xenophobia at its finest.
Us urbanites have long forgotten what it means to hunt for food!

I can't wait to see what happens to humanity if the first extraterrestrial hyper-intelligent species that visit us are cannibalistic!

Back to topic:
This is pretty neat!
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I don't see how this can't be not real. (yay triple negation!)

Even though the video is heavily edited, it's highly probable. Doing a tattoo? Easy. Making a tattoo design with a QR code? Easy. Triggering a Youtube video using the QR code? Also easy.

Therefore, highly probable.
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It sounds like the artist's statement was come up after the art was made. No need to justify when he just wants to make cool stuff, right?
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I find it ironic how we quickly forget.

Another day I was waiting for a bus, a black dude avoided me and then told me to take another bus because I'm not heterosexual like him.
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Silly dog, the vortex only reacts to visuals but not sound. Perhaps they didn't plug in the microphone when they install the camera-TV feedback loop.
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I can't wait for the decade of cyclist backslash. A lot of them need to behave like people who shares the road, not who owns the road or who abuses legal loophole for their needs.
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Whenever I flew to and from Hong Kong, the food on those flights are always good. So good I asked the flight attendants for more. (And they would!)
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@Evilbeagle: Grow up what? Grow up to be a sheep? With an uptight attitude like that, you won't survive the lawless post-apocalyptic world.

And wow, big deal, it's illegal in today's laws, so what? The whole world population is illegally squatting on Earth anyway.

If nobody has the guts to do something with abandoned lands, lots of cities are ghost towns already. There are of course drugged-up squatters who just devalues properties, but there are plenty of good ones too - especially during bad times. I doubt New York City would have ever sprung back to life if not squatters believing in where they live and spending their time fixing up Soho and Lower East Side.
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