Great Airline Food is Still Being Served ... on International Flights

Some of the best meals you can have are actually on airplanes - but not domestic flights. No siree! NBC Today's travel expert Peter Greenberg shows us how international airplane passengers are still fed very well (yes, even in coach).

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"Is this industrial line the way you've seen good food being produced in a restaurant?"

This sort of line/station structure is not at all uncommon in high-class restaurants (with max capacity accommodations for 500 plus diners at once) doing multiple large functions simultaneously. And of course there's the luxury cruise liners...

Just want to dispel the notion that a quality meal isn't possible using assembly style preparation. I admit it's often very rare though.
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I've flown on a number of international airlines. Although it's true that the food on most of them is vastly superior to domestic American flights, it's still pretty average food at best. Just look at that Cathay Pacific video segment... Is this industrial line the way you've seen good food being produced in a restaurant?

I'm always more forgiving when I'm flying into a new country... Say, you fly to India and get a curry for lunch, that's exciting. But by the time I've had ONE meal in the country, it's over: I have a point of comparison, and I know the airline food is very average at best.

The point is, the constraints of air travel (namely, having to cook food that will stay good after being heated for hours) means I'll never get a great meal. It's ok, though. I fly for the food where I'm going, not the food on the way there.
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I flew to Germany on Lufthansa and back on Delta.

Delta's food was mediocre at best. I live on the west coast and Delta stopped at Atlanta before continuing on. They gave out horrible pretzel snacks (crunchy air with salt) and charged for food (on the domestic part). Another part about Delta that was really irritating was that they CONSTANTLY had commercials, either from the flight crew or through videos. It was like they were begging for money.

Lufthansa had a direct flight to Germany and the food was not just good but really good. Nothing about the flight was irritating (except for how long it takes and the noise that all airplanes have. It was a much nicer experience than Delta.

PS: There are noise canceling (reducing) headphones. Isn't there some way for those companies to work with airlines to figure out how to make the noise in the cabin a lot less. But then we'd have to hear the other passengers a lot more which could be worse. So I guess I'll stick to my noise canceling headphones.
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