Two Fails Cancel Each Other Out

Does two wrong make a right? Perhaps not, but two fails do cancel each other out!

Cubiclebot has a video clip of a bicycle rider going the wrong way hitting a pedestrian who was jaywalking. Watch how two "fails" cancel each other out: Link

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I can't wait for the decade of cyclist backslash. A lot of them need to behave like people who shares the road, not who owns the road or who abuses legal loophole for their needs.
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wel the ped, should have looked both ways, no matter what the sign says. If im to belive TV high speed chases happen all the time an they dont mind one way signs :)
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Since they both sound like Americans the Bike is clearly in the wrong on many counts.
1. The bike is supposed to follow the same rules of the road as automobiles. Hes going the wrong way on a one way street. A cop could give him a ticket far it. They could give a ticket to the walker too but there isn't a judge on the bench that would enforce the jay walking ticket. They would enforce the driving the wrong way on a one way street to the bike rider. Not because he was in the wrong but because he would be causing traffic problems.
2. Believe it or not. Courts consider Pedestrians as having the right of way weather they are using a marked cross walk or not.
The pedestrian may be dead if he were hit by a car but when someone sued the driver far wrongful death of the pedestrian. The car driver would in most cases lose the civil case and also be put up for manslaughter charges. Same could have happened if the pedestrian was hurt by the idiot riding the bike.

Only thing worse would have been if the idiot on the bike would have been riding on the sidewalk and hit the walker.
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zeytoun, I hate to be the time pedant, but you're way off. I counted 1.5 seconds at most from the time the guy stepped into the street til impact, which was preceded by a vocal alarm by the cyclist as soon as he noticed him.
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