An Open Letter to Nickelodeon

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Vi Hart has a bone to pick with Nickelodeon, in that the show Spongebob Squarepants does not represent the world the way it really is to children. Does she complain about the talking kitchen sponge who wears pants? The squid who runs an underwater hamburger stand? The squirrel in scuba gear? No, it's the pattern drawn in the pineapple that Spongebob lives in. -via Metafilter

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I guess I can't really appreciate this not being a math nerd... All I could think was, "Who cares, girl-with-lisp? Realism is certainly not a keystone to this show..." The snail was pretty cute, though. :3
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@RD She doesn't actually want to talk bad of the show, as she is probably a fan. Enough of a fan to check the mathematical properties of Spongebob's house. She's just trying to be humorous ("I'm SO outraged because Spongebob's house has BILATTERAL SIMMETRY! THAT is NOT a pineapple!") while telling some facts about pineapples and maths.
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Christ man, being that smart you'd think she'd be out solving problems in he real world. But no, she's wasting time babbling BS about a children's cartoon show. Seems someone needs to get their priorities straight. What a loser.
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Vi Hart a loser? You really should watch some of her other videos and read her blog. She's done a lot to make math interesting and fun for students who could use a nudge, and entertaining for those of us who aren't students.
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