Dancing Squid about to Get Eaten

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This fascinating scene takes place in a restaurant in Hakodate, Japan. The squid is actually dead, but the sodium in the soy sauce causes its muscles to contract. YouTube user richayanami writes:

Dancing squid dishes seem to be at many restaurants in Hakodate, but this particular one may have been the only one with this bowl set. The place was located in the seafood restaurant arcade across the parking lot from Hakodate Station if anyone is interested.[...]

The brain is probably still in the body, but a significant part of its nervous system, the giant axon, I believe extends into the mantle, which has been cut. I'm not an expert on squids so I can't really come to a definite conclusion about that. As you can see in the beginning, it's not moving at all when it's brought out so I assume that signals around the body have stopped, whereas a fresh intact squid out of water would constantly move around.

-via Geekologie

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Fuck that. It's radioactive....Don't eat it unless you take a sievert reading!!

Next year the same restaurant will offer multi-eyed writhers to stumbling, hairless patrons.
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@Sparky: The appeal is that it's fresh and tastes good. Are you saying that it's okay as long as you don't fantasize about the animal still being alive? That doesn't make much sense logically.

As far as the eating the live shrimp that others have mentioned, how is this different from eating live oysters, or live mealworms, etc.? And if the animals die instantly when you bite them, how is that different from using a knife to chop off their little heads or throwing them in pot of boiling water?
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Okay, let's assume it's dead.

Even if so, what's the appeal in eating this? Do you want to be able to fantisise about eating something while it's still alive?!? If so, it's still wrong.

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This animal is dead. The entire mantle (the long part of the body that the fins are attached to) has been cut off. The mantle contains most of the animal's vital organs, including the heart. The "brain," i.e., cerebral ganglia is likely in head part remaining, but won't be getting any oxygen so the animal is dead or is unconscious and on it way to being dead. The fact that brain and parts of the nervous are still present is a red herring in terms of the muscles exhibiting this twitching phenomenon. Completely isolated muscle can do exactly the same thing. Of course isolated muscle is not nearly as cool as many different muscles all attached to a hydrostatic body all twitching.

Here's more info than you'll ever need on squid anatomy:

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