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One word: Eugenists. Instead of giving vaccines, how about giving food, clean water and sanitation to those most in need? D'uh! Right! Of course! there's no profit there.
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Multiculturalism creates hostility and violence. It's interesting the way peoples from other countries move into other countries and like parasites, they begin to take over, creating a mini version of their own countries, and then they demand that one adheres to their 'culture.' But then we wouldn't be exposed to different cultures, some might say. One thing is to be exposed temporarily, another is to be forced to be exposed to it forever.
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Ha! Reminds me of that Woody Allen movie "Take the money and run" where the robber hands the bank teller a note, who then hands it to another, then to another, then to another, and no one can make out what the note says.
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Pathetic! Why should the world adapt to the fat, slobbish and unhealthy? Right, because they're taking over and becoming the majority. FAT world USA.
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I've never understood the 'trend' of saggy pants, showing their underwear and ass.... It's the most ridiculous, pathetic thing I've ever seen. They all look like retards who pooped themselves, waddling around, saying 'yeah, yeah!' to everything. And it's mostly blacks... yes I said it! :oP

Monkey see, monkey do. LOL
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Books will never leave us. No matter how many gadgets are invented to replace them. Books will thrive. The gadgets will break, will lose data, some horrid thing will happen to them, and books will continue to be there, like they have for centuries. Reading a book on a gadget, ugh! Utter blasphemy!
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