6 Movies You Didn't Know Were Rip Offs

Jewel thieves decide to steal a load of diamonds at the behest of an older criminal boss. While robbing the jewelry store, an alarm goes off and one of the thieves kills the employees. Blah blah blah ... Mexican standoff ends in a massacre, aaaand scene.

It sounds just like Reservoir Dogs right? It's not. The author is actually describing the plot of City on Fire, which is a Hong Kong action film that Quentin Tarantino pretty much ripped off to make his classic film.

Cracked has more about movies that are actually blatant rip offs in this great article.


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Yeah, I guess that recent Star Trek movie is similar to the original trilogy of Star Wars. Still, I think that it has more in common with Muppet Babies than anything else. *rolls eyes in disgust*
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Well all I could think when seeing PoC for the first time - is I guess Tim Powers wrote this... but he wasn't credited. (Sorta like Roger Dean and Avatar - wtf?)On Stranger Tides was published in 1987 and not much in the last PoC that was called On Stranger Tides was like it, so I am guessing the title and credit were for the earlier uncredited rip off. At least the Monkey Island guy credits him.
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