Bill Gates Changes The World Again

Bill Gates is only 56 years old, but he stepped down as the CEO of Microsoft a decade ago. He'd still be the richest man in America if he and his wife Melinda hadn't been so busy giving money away. And instead of just donating, they did the research to determine how they would get the most bang for the buck. As it turns out, those bucks get a lot of bang when you use them to buy simple vaccines. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has gone through 25 billion dollars to not only get vaccines to children who need them, but to change the way that vaccines are developed, manufactured, and distributed globally.
The results have been equally massive: 3.4 million lives saved from hepatitis B, which causes liver cancer, 1.2 million lives from measles, 560,000 from the Hib bacteria, 474,000 from whooping cough, 140,000 from yellow fever and 30,000 from polio. In the past year the new initiatives have prevented another 8,000 deaths from pneumonia and 1,000 from diarrhea.

“I’ve met mothers who walked eight hours to get their child a vaccine and hoped that it’s there on that day,” Melinda says. On a trip in January to a rural clinic in Kenya she saw four children with pneumonia sharing a single oxygen tube. “They were just sucking breath,” she recalls. But across the clinic the Gates Foundation work showcased a different future: Children lined up to get the new vaccine that would dramatically reduce the risk they would ever get pneumonia.

Read about how they did it at Forbes. Link -via Not Exactly Rocket Science

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Wow, Bill Gates has given away billions of dollars to charity, financed crucial research and saved literally millions of lives? That's nice I guess, but Steve Jobs made cool phones! I mean really cool phones! Er...
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Oh and I suppose that "food, clean water and sanitation" grows for free on the trees?

Funny thing going on here.
On the one hand it's clear that some people hate Bill Gates and will criticize anything he does.
On the other hand it seems they also expect him to solve every single problem on earth all at the same time.
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One word: Eugenists. Instead of giving vaccines, how about giving food, clean water and sanitation to those most in need? D'uh! Right! Of course! there's no profit there.
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