South Korean Luxury Residence

Dutch architects MVRDV designed these skyscrapers planned for South Korea. It's called The Cloud, and is described as "a pixelated cloud" with towers rising through it.

Okay, now that you've seen the picture, what are you thinking? The architectural firm was caught off-guard by complaints from those who looked at the plan and saw the World Trade Center towers exploding. That's the first thing I thought of, but MVRDV insists that the resemblance is coincidental. Read more about the controversy at Co.Design. Link -via The Daily What

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You mean every country mustn't build something that the americans don't like, right? Should US set up an approving authorities to grant the world permits for what to build?
Some said 9/11 hurts. Do they know who were hurt before 9/11 and by whom?
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Well, as I commented recently on another site, until the rise of Nazi Germany, the swastika was a perfectly innocent good-luck symbol. Imagery does change meaning with time and historical events. And although the WTC isn't going to have the same meaning in Korea that it does in the US, it's impossible to ignore the connotations.

But should every iteration of twin upright towers be avoided until the end of time? Probably not. Towers that look like they've got pyroclastic clouds coming out of them? ...Perhaps.
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I took it as it was intended, a pixelated cloud building thing. But now that the WTC has been mentioned I can't unsee the WTC in it. Neat idea, I hope they build it for the sake of a neat idea and don't try to turn it into a political statement.
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as i scrolled down on my screen and came to this pic, before even reading a word of it, i immediately thought of the moment the 2nd plane hit the towers...

but hey, i sit at a desk in pittsburgh, not south korea...

anyway, i think it's a stupid design regardless. even if you moved the "cloud" up to the top. if they want to build it, let 'em build it. i have no plans to ever visit (or give a damn about) the country of south korea.
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Wow, I am amazed at all the USA haters. I didn't read all the comments, but I didn't hear anyone saying that it should not be done, just that it reminded them of the twin towers. That is what I saw before reading the caption. The attacks of 9/11 hurt all Americans and many others around the world. I don't think there is anything egocentric about acknowledging that this image reminded many of that pain.
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