Cleaner "Destroys" Work Of Art - By Cleaning It

A cleaner working in a museum in Dortmund, Germany, has "destroyed" a valuable piece of art.
Entitled “When It Starts Dripping From The Ceilings” the piece comprised a tower of wooden slats with a plastic bowl at the bottom painted brown to give the impression of discolouration caused by water. The cleaner took the paint to be an actual stain and scrubbed the bowl till it looked new.

The piece of art (shown above) by Martin Klippenberger was valued by the museum at £690,000.

There may be some who would argue that the cleaning person didn't destroy a piece of art, but rather created a new art work (which might be entitled "It Has Stopped Dripping From the Ceilings.")

Relevant video:  "How To Distinguish Art from Trash."

Link.  Photo: EPA.

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Obviously none of you have ever lived in Germany! Honestly, they can be quite excessive about cleanliness and cleaners, and their cleaners are thus by necessity zealous. It's not unusual for the cleaners to be foreigners from underdeveloped countries who speak little German (or anything other than their own language) but are great cleaners, and if they've been told to clean everything... well, they will. In 1986, rather famously, an artwork by Joseph Beuys, a dirty bathtub, was also cleaned by a museum cleaner.
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That is just the reason why I call shenanigans on this. Every so often, you hear a story about some person "who didn't know" damaging or cleaning some so-called work of art, and destroying it because they didn't recognize it as such.

It seems to me like sensationalism to get attention for a particular institution or artist, or someone taking a jab at the inscrutable world of modern art.

It's designed to provoke typical responses like: "my kid coulda made that", with the usual "are you an art critic" reply, that just shows the flaws in both sides of the issue: first the unwillingness to accept new things, second the ivory tower snobbishness that nobody but art experts can truly understand art.

And that's why I think it's been staged.
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To everyone here who says "this is not art, this is crap", I have to ask you, are you art experts of any sorts?

Just because you don't know much about art and don't like this piece, does not mean its crap. Well, perhaps in your eyes its crap, but obviously not in the eyes of people who do understand art, and value it at £690,000.
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