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Surely everyone knows that Real Men never ask anyone for directions?

BTW: The tendency to view every child-adult interaction as a precursor to paedophilia is a bizarre societal aberration. I'm glad I grew up in a time where the nice old man in the neighbourhood who gave us sweets wasn't a hate figure.
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you know what this study proves? That people engaged in intensive activities, even vicariously, take a little more time to shift mental modes than those people who were engaged in less demanding activities.

If I code for 4 hours, and "immediately after" my girlfriend asks me what I want to eat ... I usually just babble gibberish. My brain is in another place.
Have I been stupefied by coding, or is it that I need a little time to change my mode?

I'd suggest that common sense says it is the latter.
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Congratulations to the womenfolk for managing to learn our manly skills, because they are particularly difficult. Taking the bins out, in particular, took me years to master. Even now I often forget to do it.
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This post has broken something in my mind, because now I can't disregard the spaces in these comments. Reading suddenly became much more difficult.
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Just a note: we don't actually eat Christmas Crackers. They are made of cardboard and contain useless gifts and a small amount of explosives.

not tasty
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So, let me get this straight:

A guy with a wide repertoire of confidently executed full body movements is seen as a better dancer than a guy with a small repertoire of limited movements.

That really is amazing. Who'da thunk it?
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If you guys keep the $1 note, and redesign, then you need to keep it looking like currency. Most of these just look like trendy graphic design. In fact they all look dated to me already! Currency has an established worldwide look. Swirly patterns, geometry, funny little crests and stamps. People like currency to be reassuringly, recognizably, money!

Also, the countries who introduced colour into their note designs did so to scupper counterfeiters. So using CMYK as a design basis is probably a bad idea!
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To follow up on what Sassafras said:

It's a bit odd that the Daily Mail makes no reference to the tribe leaders visiting England, as the series was quite high profile here. Also, *SPOILER*... they actually got to meet their object of devotion and talk to him for half an hour.

Note: That series generally aims to show English people as weirder and more troubled than the Vannutivans.
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Hans Zimmer on the Inception score
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It's an important proof of concept, certainly, but they're a way from flying indefinitely. At the very least, they have to prove they can do this in winter.

They just migrate south in winter ;)
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I look like Ming the Merciless,
form an orderly queue ladies.

I confess, I'm not entirely sure of the bureaucratic side of this process, but the mechanics of it I can do just fine.

* bow-chacka-chacka-bow-chacka *
(suddenly remembers its 25 years since porno music actually sounded like this)
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I'm sure children everywhere have enjoyed the annoyance of "croaky voicing" . You just sort of rattle your vocal chords around in a parent annoying fashion, you all did this right?

On a more serious note, as a long-time electronic musician/producer the mics and technology here are pretty weird. I assume the mic is an SM58, a pretty standard vocal mic for singers. Its sensitivity drops off massively below about 150hz at 40hz it is ten times less sensitive. At 0.3 hz ... it frankly doesn't go there.

To do that you would need a very large diaphragm microphone, in fact, when recording the fundamental frequency of bass drums audio engineers often use loudspeakers wired up (in reverse) as a microphone, because the low frequency is of such a long wavelength that a very large surface is required to capture it.

Its a whole different matter to 'croaky voice' a click twice a second and have a chest which acts as a resonant body for that. I have to say : that's not really a fundamental sine wave of 0.3 hz, it is an impulse every 0.3 seconds.

Different thing

Sorry, I know only geeks will read that. But it bugged me.
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yes, it does look like teh building from Blade Runner.
That one is called the "Bradbury Building" (bit of a sci-fi author cross-over there!)

here's the interior of that building
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I see you have Paul McGann as one of the doctors, but not Peter Cushing. Surely, if you are counting filmy doctors, then the Cushing films count?

Also, the second film co-stars the excellent Bernard Cribbins as the police constable who tries to make use of the police call box, which is of course the TARDIS.

Bernard Cribbins now plays Wilfred Mott in the recent series. It's a shame they didn't get him to reprise his earlier role. That would have been a great moment of storytelling continuity, to bridge a 40 year gap!
It would mirror the plot device used in the new series - but much more effectively.
Ah well!
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In a very similar vein, Private Eye magazine has a long running section titled "Dumb Britain", filled with dimwitted utterings from easy quiz shows.

You can see a good selection of the submissions here
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I read that PKD story when I was pretty young and it affected my perception of reality.
Dick's story was a weird and unsettling tale of suburban late 50's banality turned inside out.

Dick was interested in challenging perceptions while still remaining comic and satirical.
The movie meanwhile - is a love story, about "soul mates", where our protagonist is no longer a downtrodden kafka-esque figure, but a ... um, hunky powerful Matt Damon-esque figure.

Why did they even bother buying the rights?
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I heard a good tip from my Mum.
A friends dog broke through some ice and became lost underneath in the murky water, far from the bank.
The friend smashed a hole near the bank and dangled the lead in, so it glinted in the light. The dog saw and recognized it's lead and swam toward it and so could be dragged out of the hole.

Ingenious and relatively safe
I hope this simple idea helps save another pooch one day.
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I think it's worth trying to deflect this asteroid, whatever the odds are.
One day we might find an asteroid with greater odds of hitting us than this one, and on that day we might be glad that we took a bit of a practice swing beforehand, just to get our technique right.
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this post is, of course, very related to that other post about the sketchysantas blog

signed: the link elf
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On the subject of the beard vid. Isn't it odd that fake footage is still so obvious from the start, even when the vhs technology andclothes were all convincing enough.
I thing it was the behavior of "natural beard" man which tipped me off, something subtley wrong about his expressions/movements.
I can't explain it more than that.
Anyone else have an explanation?
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As I have a persistent cough I tried making a lung flute myself. Unfortunately I made a mistake with the resonant frequencies and seem to have invented an ass-flute instead.

* Badum-tish *
um, yeah
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I think this article is incorrect. Surely trolls are not just "types of annoying internet commenters".

The example commenters given in this article are unkowingly annoying , whereas real trolls are knowingly trying to annoy or create a scenario for the lulz, ie - they sock-puppet a hot button opinion to get peoples attention and then actively try to heat it (and responents) up.
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I would imagine the the linking of black hats was culturally learned and developed.
Black is the colour of mourning in the west, so a villain dressed in black summons thoughts of death. In the same way Goths like to. It's "moody"

Of course, elsewhere in the world black means no such thing. Wikipedia tells me that : in the Japanese culture, Black is associated with honor(rather than death)
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My solution is to propose a bet

if the world does not end in 2012 you must pay me £1000
if the world does end, then I will pay you £5000

seems fair eh?
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