Singer Sets World Record for Lowest Vocal Note

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Roger Menees of Anna, Illinois has set a new world record for the lowest sound ever sung by a human:

Mr Menees, a coach driver for gospel and rock musicians, managed the feat on Feb 11 at his Carbondale recording studio. He hit 0.393 hertz - a very low F-sharp. The previous record was 0.797 hertz.

But Mr Menees says he could have done better and will probably make another attempt if his new record is bested anytime soon.

Link | Image: Alamy

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This is ridiculous. First of all I've never heard of frequencies being expressed in .whatever as far as sound goes. If it was 393hz okay. There is no way the human voice can produce 39hz. In fact at 20hz you're not actually hearing it but feeling it. The human range of hearing is more like 16 - 18khz to 30hz or so. The older you get the less you hear of the upper range. I could go on and on about how stupid this is but alas I digress. Also to the person that said audio engineers reverse speakers to capture bass drums. While you could do that it would be completely retarded as it wouldn't make a very good quality mic and there are plenty of fantastic mice that can capture low frequencies. Secondly a bass drum really doesn't produce ultra low frequencies. The bass player fills in the lower end.
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