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Nisheisha lives in Jamaica, but there's no chance you will find her home. I have learned from experience that you never trust directions given by children or by people who do not drive. I've also learned from experience that those are the people who will ask you for a ride. Oh, they may be able to show you where they live, but you'll be past a turn before they tell you to turn "back there." Go ahead, ask a child near you for directions to some nearby landmark! -via Cynical-C

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Really? Never suggest that an adult should randomly ask a child for directions. This is one of those Stranger Danger things children are taught in grade school; Adults ask Adults for directions, not children.
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It would never occur to me that anyone would ask a child who they didn't already know. And where did "randomly" come from?

My kids would tell you something just as confusing as Nisheisha, and assume they were making perfect sense.
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Surely everyone knows that Real Men never ask anyone for directions?

BTW: The tendency to view every child-adult interaction as a precursor to paedophilia is a bizarre societal aberration. I'm glad I grew up in a time where the nice old man in the neighbourhood who gave us sweets wasn't a hate figure.
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