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i recall that an old eastern bloc nation (ukraine?) married the chassis of a T-72 with the jet engine of a Mig-31 to create an awesome firefighting vehicle (specifically for use in oil fields). it was used to get the Kuwait fires under control in Gulf War I.
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legitimate use of typing in a URL in the google search field: checking out suspicious URLs, or verifying a URL you're familiar with but haven't really bothered to memorize by rote (was that a .com or a .org? hmmm)
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uncorrected, language can devolve into something incomprehensible to others (completely defeating it's purpose). as proof, one needs to look no further than Sarah Palin.
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Gauldar: "I'm not sure if it's been proven on what exactly the are getting out of licking them."

And the reason why we don't know is because the type of individual willing to walk into the middle of a bus-load of crocodiles *and* hippos to find out is also the type of person who doesn't live very long.
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can it possibly because the waistband of pants nowadays don't always end up at the waist?

some pants appear to be intended to be worn at the hip level and on women, this would be significantly wider.

then there are the pants intended to be worn at the knees so that young men can show off their boxers...
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i always thought rule#1 for goalies is to get your hands on the ball and hang on tight. 1d10t

could have been worse though; see Andres Escobar and the "own goal" that killed him.
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