A Short Film about Watching Technologically Illiterate People Use the Internet

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"The Scrollwheel" is a short film about the frustration that one experiences while watching someone who doesn't understand computers try to surf the Internet. You know, like people who type a URL into a search bar. Just keep in mind that long ago, you didn't know anything about the Internet, either.

This cartoon was made by Neon Noodle, Guy Collins, and Kevin MacLeod.

via Urlesque

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legitimate use of typing in a URL in the google search field: checking out suspicious URLs, or verifying a URL you're familiar with but haven't really bothered to memorize by rote (was that a .com or a .org? hmmm)
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People need to fucking zen out. Is it really THAT horribly aggravating to watch a person fumble around on a computer?

Take a yoga class or something.
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@PenguinPete: Fun fact, the word 'humility' can be googled.

@thom: Why do you assume that anyone who can use a computer is also unable to do anything else? People can walk and chew gum at the same time. Besides the day an EMP takes out the world's computer, I'm pretty sure the fact that you took care of your house's electrical system yourself won't really matter.

I have to deal with tech-illiterates all the time and seeing them do in 15 minutes something that could be done in 2 simply kills me. The worst: people who use the search bar as a list of favorites. It's a search bar, guys. If you want a list of favorites, why don't you use the favorites?!
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"A Short Film about Watching Technologically Illiterate People Use the Internet"

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