Stephen Fry on Grammar Nazis

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You do seek out opportunities to point out the grammatical errors of other people? If so, Stephen Fry holds you in contempt. He argues that (1) the subjective and changing nature of language prevents definitive grammatical forms and (2) you're a pretentious pedant.

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I was enjoying the video until, as already mentioned- it just got too long.
Some grammar/language stuff bothers me, some doesn't. I agree with the comment that you have to know the rules before you can effectively and artfully break them.
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So is this okay?

"Well work until 4 instead of 2 witch was good an had 2mar off but got dem to let me work an im glad cuz i love work its a great way to get away from eveything an keep my mind off of all da bad crap in my life!!!!!"

It isn't hard to understand this, and since English is constantly changing "mistakes" like these are okay?
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hey 1101,

good post, i competely agree with EVERYTHING you said. i also accept those 'gentle corrections' from friends in the spirit in which they were intended. you sound like you would do the same.

when i wrote my first post, i guess i was only thinking about people correcting the written word/grammar. what you -1101- wrote was exactly how i feel about "sharing" (that sounds SO much better than 'correcting')my thoughts about the spoken word. btw, for me, it would only be about a word - not syntax. english is a living language - let it breathe and grow y'all. expressions and 'word arrangements' fall in and out of favor through the generations and even just different regions. so just relax and it'll all work it always has.
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