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Filipino. Where having the most "unique" name is a virtue; just wished the parents could have been a bit more subtle -- maybe Tom Riddle Estioco
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curious: does anyone know if the wife would be liable for any crime? i'm excluding aiding and abetting a fugitive on the assumption that she actively aided him after he got out of prison. i want to know if she's criminally liable for sending a fax?
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Which begs the question, is the watch, in fact, obsolete?

* Note also that this comment is really to take the opportunity to use the phrase "begs the question" in it's proper context.
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my favorite parenting quote comes from Battlestar Galactica:

* Hot Dog: I don't know anything about being a father.
* Tyrol: It sucks... except the parts that don't.

The above sentiment is pitch perfect for me. Parenting is hard, but it's not without it's rewards.
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It's worth pointing out that if you pay a fixed monthly gym membership fee, you already are paying more per workout whenever you skip going; e.g., if you pay 1000 per month and go to the gym 10 times, then each visit is worth 100. But if you go only 4 times, each visit is worth 250.
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