Man Tried to Rob a Store with a Bullet

"Guns don't kill people, bullets do" or so the saying goes, but 59-year-old Verlin Q. Alsept was a bit unclear of the concept that you still need that gun:

Rather the fellow who entered a Family Dollar Store in Dayton on Tuesday threatened the cashier with a bullet — a single .38 caliber round he pulled from his pocket.

The 59-year-old man asked the cashier for all the money in the cash register. Unfazed by the threatening bullet, she declined, and he left the store empty-handed. A nearby private security guard at the Westown Shopping Center — alerted by the cashier — quickly ran the man to ground as bystanders called police.

Link - via News of the Weird

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John....FYI!! Of course they are going to blame else can they justify tackling a 60 year old mentally challenged man with Parkinsons disease, down to the ground when he did nothing wrong. Getting arrested for armed robbery for holding a bullet to rob a store???? Get real, even my 4 year old grandson would laugh at that one. Everyone in that area knows him and knows about his mental issues...its just another way for the courts to squeeze more money out of taxpayers and to make that area of town look worse. And of course the Security Guard probably feels like a hero...pfttttttttttttt
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For you morons that get off on making fun of others...Karma will come back to get you one day. Verlin is mentally ill and if you'll read the article you will see that the cashier was "unfazed" by it, yet a big bad security officer felt the need to tackle him to the ground after he left the store when ask too without harming anyone or taking anything. He is a kind sweet man who has had a very hard life (he watched his dad shoot and kill his mother when he was about 6 years old) so please before you judge a man who obviously has mental issues....stop and think for the love of God!! He could be your dad or uncle or friend....he has been diagnosed with Paranoid Scizophrenia and has to deal with it because our government could care less about our mentally ill citizens. He tries to make people laugh even though he is dealing with the demons in his head and she knows him and knows he is harmless. If she had been afraid she would have called the cops....he put up no resistance when she told him to leave. He ask his court appointed attorney why he was in jail...he had no Idea why he was tackled to the ground. Seriously? The people who have charged him with armed robbery need a psych evaluation....he just needs understanding and medication to help him. I hope you all sleep well and feel proud of yourselves for the laughs you got out of it. And we wonder why children are bullies at school....they get it naturally.
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I am the niece of Verlin Q. Alsept, the man who attempted to rob the Family Dollar with a bullet. Has it ever occurred to you HEARTLESS people that Verlin is mentally ill?! The people in that store knew him and KNEW he was harmless but they had him arrested anyway. If you saw what he saw in his lifetime, you wouldn't be so quick to judge! Your website is being completely heartless! You should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES! The space he is taking up in the jail should be given to a REAL criminal! Verlin should be in a hospital! How dare you make fun of a situation when you don't know ANYTHING about him?! Has anyone even given ANY consideration that Verlin, who has a sense of humor, may have been JOKING with the woman, and IF he had a hammer, nail, and pipe to go along with the bullet, THEN he may have been a threat to that woman! But it was just a bullet! If anyone has any nasty retorts, they can email me DIRECTLY and instead of humiliating my uncle in a forum such as this @
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