The Silliest Military Uniforms Ever

Danger Room has photographs of what many of us would call costumes, but are actually regulation military or semi-military uniforms of various units from around the world. Pictured are Korean Honor Guards.
These South Korean Honor Guards proudly don Crayola Crayon-inspired outfits, complete with trumpets and peacock feathers, at the Honor Guard Ceremony in the War Memorial of Korea. In the summertime, these ceremonies are held every Friday and Saturday.

You might also notice how the US Army's technical innovations make soldiers of the future look more and more like characters from a video game. Although the word "silly" is certainly in the eye of the beholder (but really, peacock feathers?) most of these would qualify. Personally, I think the Italian police uniforms are sharp. Link -via the Presurfer

(Image credit: US Army Korea)

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Wow. Those are seriously cool examples of living history.

And the person who posted these as "silly" has no knowledge, taste or appreciation for the beauty of difference.
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The silliest article ever.
That Yellow costumes are just used for ceremony only.
Not used for regular military uniform. (about 600 years ago).
Arrogant perspective to other culture for it's own ignorance :P
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Most of the uniforms are ceremonial, they have link to the past. It's to honor the people who gone before you.

People mock things they know nothing about. That is how you find out who the ignorant people are.
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