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Wow! I've been to a few rodeos when in Texas, but no shows as cool as this. What an amazing coordinated dance and performance. Each rider has a very good relationship of trust with their horses no doubt.
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Hey this story is false, officials only presumed the rice to be plastic when the first article was published. After testing it was not (see bottom or article for the most recent source on the Nigeria incident). http://www.snopes.com/plastic-rice-from-china/

Also plastic rice would just cost more to produce than real rice, probably the cheapest food in the world. Plastic rice does exist, but for created for fake display food only.
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Friend of mine is going to Cuba for winter break now that the ban is gone. It's REALLY cheap, only about $400 round trip from LAX. And of course everything on land is super affordable. No idea what the country and travel experience is like though.
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In order to avoid cultural appropriation ask yourself these questions:

Do I understand who or what aspect of a culture I am depicting and do I know enough about it to know if a costume or depiction is accurate? (Then it's likely ok)
Am I depicting someone's religion or ritual clothing? (don't do it if so)
Is my costume a caricature or stereotyping of a culture being erased or currently oppressed? (Don't wear it)
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omg thank goodness he was heard and rescued. There have been way too many stories involving 'and the the skeleton was in the chimney for 3 decades, as no one could hear him scream'
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Unfortunately his condition looks to be a result of bad (human caused) breeding and because of that I don't think his popularity should be encouraged. To get the extreme flat face look he has the upper skull is being forced backwards, reducing room for the eyes. That's why it looks like his eyes are going to pop out of his skull, they literally are. Pugs have this issue too.
Also 'no health issues?' " eyes are so big that he cannot completely close his eyelids","He couldn't eat himself and had to be hand fed" I think Herman should get treated well and he's not to blame, but I think humans should stop breeding deformities to animals because its 'cute'.
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I've notices also that many documentaries such as the 'Wildest _' series and Chernobyl Reclaimed add artificial drama. They will say something like 'little does this baby gorilla know there are predators lurking about' and jump between footage between a snake and the baby gorilla, but at no point are they in the picture together and were probably not even in the same vicinity. Complete fabrication that ruins credibility, and a waste considering the material is already interesting as it is.
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I like the one that has three frames. The last shows how the fence is turned into chain link, representing how the 'problem was resolved', equality has been achieved and now the boxes can now be removed since all parties can see the game.
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That's an interesting interpretation, but very somber considering the boy's age. My friend actually made this film and the first comment has the intended interpretation. His parents apparent apathy come from already being dead and separated from his reality, every person on the train is sort of isolated in the state they died in (working too hard, old age and sickness). When the parents finally see him it's more 'sorry it has to be this way' rather than animosity.

Anyway I am proud to see her work spread around the internet!! :D
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I heard that many scientists found these sound-based products don't work.
Could be a good excuse for when TVs make that annoying high-pitched noise sometimes, blame it on the mosquito repellent.
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If you liked Erased I would recommend these:
Kino's Journey- Short stories from a traveller who stays exactly 3 days and 3 nights when stopping in a place to rest. Watch the first two eps to get a proper feel for the series
Wolf Children- A young mother raises two children who are part wolf, and watches as they grow into individuals and find out who they are
Dennou Coil- While trying to rescue a pet cybernetic dog kids stumble upon anomolies and search for the truth behind them

I also made a spreadsheet of personal recommendations for things to read and watch, it includes anime/manga as well as films and the like: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1r4X0WjtH9f-0B3Z3ouwgRFcOi4ue3SQ3_EKyX0b4pvQ/edit#gid=0
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