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I have visited each of these ten sacred sites as a National Geographic photographer and anthropologist. While I am happy to see this article, I must say there are some historical and factual inaccuracies with its content. For more comprehensive information on these ten sites, as well as for hundreds of other sacred sites around the world, look at the Places of Peace and Power website at
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It's staged; the kid's bow doesn't have a string on it. If it did, the black end-tips would be pointing straight up and down, not aiming forward like they are. Also, the string would cast a shadow on the floor/wall.
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It's a ridiculous way to add safety to a party. It only detects the alcohol on your breath, and that means if you drink a bunch and then gargle and suck Lifesavers for a while it'll nix it. People who are drunk but haven't had a sip in a while might see the bag and say, "Hey, I'm good to drive."

A significantly better way to make the party safer is just to not drive if you drink.
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Cheap cameras work just fine in full bright sunlight and with stationary subjects. They are worthless, however in low light conditions, and pretty poor with any motion. You might notice that expensive cameras have a HUGE lens up front... That allows them to gather far more light, in far less time, which makes all the difference with action or low-light shots.
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It's not that difficult. Historical characters, fictional characters, and animals are fine. Dressing as a stereotypical oppressed minority is not. Native Americans in particular do not like people making a Halloween costume of their ceremonial headdresses and handmade beading, each part of which has a specific meaning and that they still wear to cultural occasions. Every tribe is different, but costumes make them look generic and cheap.
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There's a big difference. Christian puritanism means following the rules of your religion and usually expecting everyone else to. Political correctness means to stop and think before you harm someone else's reputation or feelings. Totally awesome.
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