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Wow! I've been to a few rodeos when in Texas, but no shows as cool as this. What an amazing coordinated dance and performance. Each rider has a very good relationship of trust with their horses no doubt.
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One of my film workshop teachers directed this pilot :O Did his own music for it too. I think it was really cool, but just wasn't what CN was looking for I guess. The 3D backgrounds looked rad imo. I think it appeals a little bit more to an older generation though. If you're sad about this one not being picked up have fun diving into the rabbit hole of rejected pilots. Right now Nickelodeon is uploading a ton of new pilots and it's a guess as to which few might actually become tv series.
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Maybe it rolled in the mud or something? It is odd but at least this type of cat seems to enjoy the bath. Only time we washed our own was when he regrettingly knocked a jar of olive oil onto the floor and coated himself in it.
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Solid state is a relatively new technology and still isn't as cheap as an optical drive, about 4x more expensive for the same storage space. That's why it hasn't completely taken off. It will probably replace optical drives eventually, which have surprisingly been around since about the dawn of computers.
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MAN this is cool... I sculpt and rig models and maya. I would love to see a full breakdown or conference on how the tool works and how it can be implemented for creators. This demo is neat but obscures how anything works.
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I hope this wasn't actually used passive aggressive messages. These things aren't a big deal by a long shot. I've had far worse roommates and these things are so small and easy to forget op could just ask for them to be taken care of if they bothered them so much.
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I love this. The slapstick is so funny, especially how that girl swaggers in.
Had something similar happen when we were doing an online Q and A with a filmmaker, but he ended up letting his daughter sit on his lap to keep her calm, and just carried on the interview.
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That re-paint is amazing!
This doll was pretty strange and definitely entered the uncanny valley, I think most of the problem was the head/forehead was too large and the face was hyper-realistic while the body was not. There's also just no way mass production can produce a good looking realistic doll with that cost.
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This campaign seems pretty dangerous imo. Most people won't understand the limitations of this technology and think it's a test to confirm that they are sober enough. It really should be something where if anyone is having doubts they shouldn't hesitate to call a service or sleep over.
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Hey this story is false, officials only presumed the rice to be plastic when the first article was published. After testing it was not (see bottom or article for the most recent source on the Nigeria incident). http://www.snopes.com/plastic-rice-from-china/

Also plastic rice would just cost more to produce than real rice, probably the cheapest food in the world. Plastic rice does exist, but for created for fake display food only.
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