Outdated Methods And Technology Still Widely Used Today

Humans genuinely dislike change, especially when it comes to changing the way we do things in our everyday lives, and even though we keep discovering new and better ways to do stuff the old ways refuse to die.

We constantly complain about how vending machines rip us off, how much those magnetic strips on our credit cards suck and how stupid and useless red light cameras are, and yet these outdated technologies refuse to die.

And speaking of outdated- why are we still using the same optical media we've been using for over thirty years?

But the one outdated tech that makes me wonder "why is this still a thing?" is the alkaline battery- they're terrible for the environment, a pain in the ass to recycle, and yet they outnumber rechargeable batteries ten to one at retail stores.

See 18 Widely Used Technologies You Didn't Know Are Obsolete here (NSFW language)

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1) the alkaline battery is still less hazardous (it's not even listed as hazardous) than most other battery types we use. Lithium is certainly not better.

2) the DVD is outdated indeed, but the optical drive numbers should at least be from bluray. (Still slower, but much cheaper to produce than solid state cards.) Both should be outdated because we download or stream everything these days.
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Magnetic strip on your credit card? I would definitely say that tech is obsolete. My card has a magnetic strip and a chip and a tap option but I don't think I've ever used the magnetic strip. Tap is most common in Canada.
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Solid state is a relatively new technology and still isn't as cheap as an optical drive, about 4x more expensive for the same storage space. That's why it hasn't completely taken off. It will probably replace optical drives eventually, which have surprisingly been around since about the dawn of computers.
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I thought it was odd when I saw "incandescent light bulb" on the list. Yep, the list is from October 21, 2013 - just before the phase-out really took place.
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