7 Ridiculously Outdated Assumptions Every Movie Makes

Movie producers and designers tend to use outdated ideas because it's just easier to do things they way they've always been done -even if they make no sense in the modern world. For example, my daughters first saw nuns wearing habits in a restaurant when they were 8 and 9 years old and asked me about it. See, they had been going to a parochial school for years already! They knew plenty of nuns, but they hadn't seen enough movies.
Nuns, for their part, mostly stopped wearing habits in the '60s, totally missing out on the whole nunsploitation genre. In fact, the number of habit-wearing nuns in the U.S. went from 180,000 in 1964 to a third of that in 2009, and today, the vast majority of religious women dress like ... women. This means that there are probably more nun costumes in America right now than there are actual nun habits, begging the question: Who is dressing up as whom?

But that's just one of the seven outdated assumptions you see in movies. Read the rest at Cracked. Link

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Doesn't saying that most women "dress like women" imply a stereotpyical female attire. Even if you think the modern liberal western female is the true measure of a woman - what if that woman in all her self-determining power decided to curb her figure, desexualize herself and devote herself to Truth. The "habit" is meant as a religious device but is rather pointless if it is not worn for any genuine purpose.
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Ryan, the quote says "today, the vast majority of religious women dress like … women." All that means is that you cannot determine whether a woman is a Catholic nun just by the way she dresses.
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