7 Ridiculously Outdated Assumptions Every Movie Makes

Movie producers and designers tend to use outdated ideas because it's just easier to do things they way they've always been done -even if they make no sense in the modern world. For example, my daughters first saw nuns wearing habits in a restaurant when they were 8 and 9 years old and asked me about it. See, they had been going to a parochial school for years already! They knew plenty of nuns, but they hadn't seen enough movies.
Nuns, for their part, mostly stopped wearing habits in the '60s, totally missing out on the whole nunsploitation genre. In fact, the number of habit-wearing nuns in the U.S. went from 180,000 in 1964 to a third of that in 2009, and today, the vast majority of religious women dress like ... women. This means that there are probably more nun costumes in America right now than there are actual nun habits, begging the question: Who is dressing up as whom?

But that's just one of the seven outdated assumptions you see in movies. Read the rest at Cracked. Link

While the remarks about current nuns habits are true, it should help to know that the trend is reversing. There are many new orders now that attract many young women who have a vocation to the religious life and sure enough, they are all orders who wear full habits! (I mean, if you're going to give your life as a witness to Love, why not let the whole world know it?!)

I know some of these young ladies and they are vibrant, beautiful, very intelligent and selfless.

Not sure if the comments take links, so I'll only link one or two and list the rest. My friends:

These ladies live mostly in the Bronx and are often seen zipping around in their favorite mode of transportation: roller blades!

Nashville Dominicans
Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist
The Regina Laudis Community, (Benedictines) CT. (Mother Superior Dolores Hart was at the Oscars for a documentary on her life; she left Hollywood and co-starring with Elvis to join the convent!)
The Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne (founded by daughter of Nathaniel Hawthorne)
Sister Servants of the Eternal Word
Poor Clare Nuns of New Jersey
Dominican Nuns of Summit
Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration, Arizona
Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration, Texas
Brigittines Nuns, Darien CT
Parish Visitors of Mary Immaculate, Monroe, NY

Or just have a look at the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious:
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Timm, seriously? You're the only Scientologist I actually know on the Internet, and you've been supporting the unsubstantiated accusations of Scientologists vs psychiatrists for years.

The link I supplied gives another viewpoint about the organization you linked to. You know it's a Scientologist group. Did you not read the About Us page? At least it admits its roots there - so you see, I was wrong when I said it makes no mention - you just have to search for it.

On the same page:
"People frequently ask if CCHR is of the opinion that no one should ever take psychiatric drugs, but this website is not dedicated to opinion."

At the site, you can read about the group's Industry of Death Museum: "Located within CCHR’s international headquarters in Hollywood, California, this state-of-the-art museum documents how psychiatry is an industry driven by profit, its pretended help often resulting in death."

I'm glad they're so objective. I'd hate to think what they'd write if they allowed an unobjective opinion to sneak in.

Anyway, don't be dishonest with us, when it's obvious what axe you're grinding. Go to the link I suggested or not, but no need to get mad at me. Xenu rocks!
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The reason a lot of movies set in England are filmed elsewhere is not because there are no remnants of, say, Victorian England left. The real reason in that it's quite hard to film in England for logistical reasons. Especially when you have to close a road, remove the modern traffic, dress the "set" to get rid of traces of modernity, etc. etc.

They once shot a factual programme down our street and didn't need permission from householders. When they wanted to shoot a period drama piece (set in the 1950s) and the production company needed permission in the form of a signed contract from the owner of every house that was in shot and had to pay each of them a facility fee. Obviously they needed permission from the local authority and had to jump through legal hoops for the road closures. In some European countries, especially the old eastern bloc things are much easier and cheaper.
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Well, I must be living in odd areas of the country then. I lived in Michigan and we had a nunnery/convent/mother house (I'm not sure what you call it) down the road. There was also a Catholic high school, college, hospital, hospice, retirement home for nuns, etc. The nuns wear habits and it's not unusual to see them driving a pack of other nuns over to the grocery store or to the movies.

Then I moved down south to Louisiana (grr) and we have nuns in habits in my town, too. hmmm Curious...
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Now let's be fair. Modern psychiatry is very quick to provide a pill sometimes when simply listening might provide relief.

But if our minds are troubled by the ghosts of dead aliens nuked in a volcano millions of years ago... well, try explaning that on your insurance forms.
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Timm, nice try, but let's take an in-depth look at your link.

Although there's absolutely no mention of Scientology on the cchr.org web site, a quick google search reveals the truth. You are trying to masquerade as a legitimate purveyor of impartial information to Neatoramanauts, when the truth is that you are flogging a worn-out and disproven mind-controlling cult, which has an axe to grind against an entire body of accredited professionals.

Scientology offers an answer to lonely people who want to feel special again; like many cults, it preys upon the weak-minded, weak-willed, and desperate.

Timm, I don't believe your Scientology claptrap. I appily embrace the philosophies of Xenu, his DC-9 spaceships dropping aliens into volcanoes, and those nasty inner Thetans. My Thetans got me where I am today, thank you very much.
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Have you watched or read any of the material on the cchr.org web site? People need to know about this. Neatorama bloggers love to promulgate psychiatric propaganda but none of them take any responsibility for it. It's all just a curiosity to Neatorama authors, but none of them have done any real research beyond the links they find...
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Timm! I haven't seen your name in a while. Still grinding that old axe, I see.

Man, tone it down, or they'll revoke your computer privileges again.
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Ryan, the quote says "today, the vast majority of religious women dress like … women." All that means is that you cannot determine whether a woman is a Catholic nun just by the way she dresses.
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Doesn't saying that most women "dress like women" imply a stereotpyical female attire. Even if you think the modern liberal western female is the true measure of a woman - what if that woman in all her self-determining power decided to curb her figure, desexualize herself and devote herself to Truth. The "habit" is meant as a religious device but is rather pointless if it is not worn for any genuine purpose.
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