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I've been to Bangladesh and its the same thing. When kids play with toy cars, instead of "Vroom Vroom" they say "Beep Beep." My mom and I couldn't stop laughing.
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My mom (blond hair, blue eyes) was a freak show in Bangladesh. We would get hundreds of people gathering around us to just stare. When a huge Bollywood star was in the area we only lost about a third of our crowd to her.
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She's the cutest one. All the other "hot chicks" are obviously paid to be there or think getting their picture taken with a guy in a costume is a novelty.
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When I visited Toronto several years ago my mom and I saw a black squirrel downtown and we had never seen one and my mom being as strange as she is, started making a clicking noise and soon the park area was filled with black squirrels. I thought it was a Canadian thing or my mom has a special black squirrel calling gift.
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I love Neatorama, but do you just make ugly shirts for every little thing that happens? The clip art and bad fonts don't need to happen. The current event ones look rushed and aren't worth the money. And while I love being funny and offensive, the swine flu is spreading every day. I really hope it doesn't come to it but if a pandemic were to occur, this would really be in bad taste.
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While I grew up in the 90s, my crushes were from the 60s. My dad and I would watch old tapes of Ready Steady Go. I love Ringo and George Harrison and then I always wanted to look like the girls at the show.
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My cousins in Bangladesh are raised that way. Before they can talk they learn signs to tell their parents or nannies to take them outside or to a toilet. They are only in diapers a short time. Cuts down on trash. But I don't have kids so I can't really talk.
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Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played girl bunny?


Neither did I. I was just asking.

Wayne's World III would be a disaster.
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