Diaper-Free Baby

There's plenty of things I don't like about diapers - they're expensive, they often leak, and they cause bum rash because babies sit in their poo for too long - but I can't imagine taking care of babies without diapers (my parents told me that they raised me without disposable diapers not because they didn't want to - but because they didn't have disposable diapers back then when I was growing up. So they used cloth diapers, which leaked but it wasn't as bad as wearing no diaper at all they said).

Anyways, apparently there is a movement of sort of promoting a "natural approach" (i.e. diaper-less) to this whole baby poo business:

Elimination Communication, Infant Potty Training, Natural Infant Hygiene, Potty Whispering...whatever you choose to call it, it all refers to the modern adaption of an ancient method of childcare. Traditionally this method was seen and practiced by the whole community, learned naturally over a lifetime. This aspect has largely been lost, yet you can rediscover it on the Practicing EC pages. Think of these as the wisdom of your grandmother, the support of your aunt, the encouragement of your best friend. Celebrate undertaking a journey where caregivers and babies learn and discover together.

Shenanigans or not, to learn more about "potty whispering" (I just love that term!), check out DiaperFreeBaby - via The Zeray Gazette

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Ah, you people are just being hostile because it's something you're not familiar with. EC is awesome! I totally have ECed two kids, no problems. You just get a sense for it without having to consciously think about it all the time. My 9 month old has never been in a diaper, and I don't get pooped and peed on. She very much has control of all her functions, including the ability to "hold it". Even if you can only do it at night or on the weekend, it's still a great system.

When it comes to your baby's toilet functions, your choices are: 1) Diaper and let the baby sit in his own waste until you feel like changing the diaper or the smell gets too gross for you to stand.
2) Diaper, and change right after the baby poops or pees.
3) EC, and put the baby on the toilet when he needs to go.

If you just let the baby sit in it, that's gross and lazy parenting. Seems like choices #2 & 3 are an equal amount of work - if the baby pees 15 times a day, that's either 15 diaper changes or 15 potty breaks. And I can tell you, it's way easier to just wipe with a piece of toilet paper.

Next time your baby has a "blowout" and poop shoots up his/her back and out the diaper, and you're getting it all over your hands, just think: if you had let the baby poop in the potty, you would be doing something else less disgusting right now.
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Eeee gads....... I see three babies wearing old-fashioned rubber pants in the picture, which is exactly what I used on my kids, and there were no leaks in my house and few cases of diaper rash.

I double diapered--with cloth, fastened the diapers with pins, and put rubber pants on over top. Simple. I know for a fact that I'm not the only mother who had such great success with cloth diapers.

What we need in our society today, is to go back to all things old-fashioned! Diapers being one of them.
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I did it with my son. Nothing mind blowing about it, you just have to pay attention to the kid. They do give cues, especially if you don't ignore them from the get go. Sure we had accidents, but overall it was well worth it. By at one he'd consistently request to go potty and seek it out himself for #2. He's now 2.5 and fully potty trained, to the point that I can just leave him to his own devises and he will seek out the potty when he has to go, pull down his pants and do his thing. He has also been dry through the night since age 5 months. Now if he'd only wipe his own butt already! :)

It's not rocket science, people have been doing it like that, well, forever. Do you really think back before people had diapers they'd just let their babies go where ever? I saved myself a lot of money and stress with this method, and I'll certainly do it again with my future child(ren).
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i am only 14 and i help raise my three year old brother who, i am very happy to say has never worn a diaper!

its not that difficult and the results are fabulous!
absolutely no diaper rash! no diapers to wash, and no mental trauma of having to go through the pain of diaper rash!

uh who ever said that baies dont have sphincter control needs to do some research, or raise a diaper free child because they definitely do. they are born with it, but they lose control when they dont need to use it. also it is very confusing for a child that is potty training because for their entire life prior to this, they are told that they can just go where ever, whenever they want.

yes there may be accidents, but not nearly as many as you think.

i am very proud to say that i have helped raised a diaper free kid because i learned so much,and it has helped me be a big part of his life
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