"White Privilege" in India

Dave Prager and Jenny Steeves, a New York couple living in India (and whose blog Our Delhi Struggle - get it? - documents their fascinating "stranger in a strangeland" tales), were asked whether they enjoy "white privilege" because of their lighter skin color.

Their answer provides us with an interesting glimpse into the Indian society, where white people are given deference. For example, take waiting in line:

"We’d be lying if we didn’t admit skin-based advantages are bestowed on foreigners in India. Autorickshaw drivers, for instance, would hone in on us at the expense of everyone else waving their arms at them. (And they’d give us choice grumbles when we’d refuse to cut ahead of those who’d been bypassed their rightful ride.) The sidewalk chaiwallah near my office would always boil a fresh batch for me, even as he poured from a premade kettle for the factory workers who arrived the same time as I did. And while the guards at Saket Citywalk would grope us for poorly-hidden bombs just like every Indian shopper — as if Al Qaeda’s training manuals advised keeping their explosives in their front pockets — their hands always seemed to linger more tenderly with us."

Wait, that’s not a good thing.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by mmmmdave1870.

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hey this is not the same all over india.In NORTHERN INDIA specially the PUNJAB region almost all people are whites or verry fair skinned and also have blue eyes.So nobody there is going to give an american or european tourist such stares.
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its funny, but being an indian whose been brought up abroad, I can tell u this... most of the general population of India havent seen blondes or caucasians,its just the way the indian demographic is...all dark skinned or brown/wheatish skinned people,so for them seeing a fair skinned person is well sort of an experience,and ofcourse the ppl u mentioned like auto drivers, chaiwalla, guides they mostly do it for incentives ($$$$)
its the same thing in china, u go there and people look diff. @ u cuz of skin color white/brown/black//ppl with eyelashes!! its not exactly racism, its just an experience for them.......
P.S. what do u guys think will ku klux klan feel like when they read this??? LOL (I dont know much about kkk)
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""White Privilege" in India"

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