Bat World has stories of bats in care that are injured, sick, or have been rescued from bad situations. Read about Van Gogh, who is missing an ear; Mr. Kitty, who was brought in by a cat; and Pongo, who became stuck on the wrong side of the ocean. Pictured is Bootsana, a fruit bat rejected by her mother. She loves her pacifier!
For the first 10 weeks of her life Bootsana carried a soft puppy nurser (her pacifier) in her mouth all the time and yelled whenever she dropped it. She continued to yell - almost brat-like - until someone placed it back into her mouth. At around 10 weeks of age she decided banana was better than a nurser, so solid food (which she also yelled for) was slowly introduced. Every day Bootsana was also given flapping exercises, as much as she enjoyed.

You can sponsor the care of these bats through their Adopt-a-Bat program. Link -via Everlasting Blort

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I sponsor a bat through this group. I wrote to find out who was least popular and from the three they told me, I chose Mekki. They are an awesome group of people doing an awesome thing.
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This is one of the cutest things I think I've ever seen! I rescued a bat when I a little girl. It looked like a soft ball of fluff with wings. Then it opened it's mouth and it was all mouth like a little Pacman only with lots of tiny sharp teeth. LOL I took it to a wildlife park and they cared for it there.
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Bats are awesome. I was recently in Austin, Texas and took the sunset boat cruise out onto lake Ladybird to watch the bats fly from under the Congress Avenue Bridge - extremely cool.
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