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I don't think it's a fake, and I usually think everything's fake. It's just silly.

What I found funny was the "This is a pride of the Chinese nation."

I just can't imagine thousands flocking to see that.
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Oh, come on.
You expect police officers and firefighters to be superhuman?

For the first few seconds, it was a surprise. This person reacted like any person would react. We may expect firefighters to have better reaction time, but get serious. The clip was a few seconds at most.

Really, you guys take all the fun out of watching someone set a businessman on fire.
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Sucked. I gave up after the second Smithers. Carl and Lenny not even close. Homer terrible.

I worked with a guy once who did an excellent Mr Burns. He's probably the easiest voice to do.

MacHomer was better, but why would someone pay to see it? It must get annoying after about 2 minutes.
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Did the nazis actually invent racial "laws", or was that just twisting words to suit your own purpose, Lasse?

It's a silly idea, but it's hardly gas chambers and concentration camps.
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