When Firefighting Demo Goes Bad.

What *NOT* to do when staging a firefighting demo: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

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Um, I can find all sorts of major firefighter no-nos on this clip:

1. You don't use a standard fire extinguisher on a PETROLEUM fire, it just spreads the oil-based stuff around and the moving air generated around the spray causes the spreading flames to flare up worse...

2. The subgenius firefighter then goes on to start ANOTHER fire while standing in a pool of the extinguisher-petroleum mess...

3. ...while still holding the highly-flammable can of gas he just poured onto the fire...

4. ...and then he panics, and fails to do the most basic thing that even kindergarteners the world over are taught--Stop, Drop and Roll--and flings the resulting Can O' Liquid Conflagration around.

This guy shouldn't be trusted with anything more flammable than a soggy dishrag. Yipes!

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Oh, come on.
You expect police officers and firefighters to be superhuman?

For the first few seconds, it was a surprise. This person reacted like any person would react. We may expect firefighters to have better reaction time, but get serious. The clip was a few seconds at most.

Really, you guys take all the fun out of watching someone set a businessman on fire.
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