Better Than Jail ...

I guess this is better than going to jail:

"I understand the judge's reasoning," said Breanna Klewitz, 23, of her two-hour walk on a sidewalk in front of the Dougherty County Courthouse, Georgia, wearing signs that read, "I am a thief" and "I stole what you worked for." ...

Chief Superior Court Judge Loren Gray sentenced Klewitz to five-years probation as a first offender for her role in a June burglary at a local fast-food restaurant, where she worked as an assistant manager. Besides a $US1086 ($1376) fine, the judge ordered her to make signs with 8-inch letters, visible from at least 25 feet, and wear them while walking the block-long sidewalk along a busy downtown street.

Link - via Arbroath

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Did the nazis actually invent racial "laws", or was that just twisting words to suit your own purpose, Lasse?

It's a silly idea, but it's hardly gas chambers and concentration camps.
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Has anyone seen the episode of Mr. Show with the similar idea? Mr. Show was an HBO sketch comedy show with David Cross and Bob Odenkirk, if you don't know it. Anyhow, Odenkirk played a rapist, who had to verbally explain this to anyone he came in contact with. There was a man with a sandwich board (much like the woman featured above) saying "I'm with a rapist ----> ". And at his work, being a telemarketer selling insurance he addressed the callers by saying, "Hello, Bob's my name and insurance is my game! ...Rape used to also be a game of mine...hel-...hello?"

It was pretty funny.
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One time in high school this girl in my grade went in the locker room and stole stuff from people's backpacks while they were in gym class. She got caught she had to wear a sign like that, but she just didn't get it. For some reason she thought it was cool. She ended up dropping out of school.
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