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As a teacher, I am very aware that a kid (any age) could feel free to harm me or destroy my property and if I choose to restrain them in any manner, I am putting my career on the line.
In court, you would have to justify that you did not use undue force. No problem. You can fight the case and win, but you could kiss your university degree goodbye. Schools will always be reluctant to hire a teacher who has been accused of a crime (even if proven innocent in court).

You can bet I wouldn't be rushing in to restrain the child. Not a chance. Should I let the child destroy everything they get their hands on? Hmmm, maybe if they destroy some really expensive things the parents will pay for it. Haha, that'd be the day.

Yes, we are trained on how to calm students, but does that mean it's always going to work? No.
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I remember solid chocolate bunnies and I never broke my teeth.

Haha, "greater perceived value"; perceived value, not actual value.
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"No problem" to me means:
- It didn't cause me any difficulty, I was happy to help.
- No need to thank me, as it didn't put me out of my way.
- You are welcome.

I fail to see how this is rude.

Regarding the store clerk not saying 'Thank you': It's okay to be the one thanking them. They helped you with your groceries and their store allowed you a convenient place to get them. I'm very thankful that I have such a large selection, decent prices, and friendly people at my grocery store. I wish everyone had that. Thus, I will continue to thank my store clerk, and never have expectations that they have to do the same.
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"These give out between 3 to 5 milli-amps," he said. "It feels like a rubber band snap."

Does that sound dangerous to you?
Now, if they were using full powered tasers meant to drop somebody to the ground, THEN we could complain.
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