The Bizarre Plan to Turn Hitler into a Woman

There were a lot of plans in place for taking Hitler down (Captain America's punch to the face notwithstanding) that never quite panned out. Among them, an inventive and elaborate scheme to turn the Fuhrer into a woman:
Cardiff University professor Brian Ford says he uncovered the plan while reviewing recently declassified documents for his new book, Secret Weapons: Technology, Science, And The Race To Win World War II.

British spies figured that if they could lace Hitler's food with estrogen, over time he would become less cruel and aggressive, Ford says. The idea was to "feminize" Hitler, and make him behave more like his sister, Paula, a "mild-mannered secretary." The Brits were encouraged by then-recent research into the effects of sex hormones in therapy. "There were agents who would be able to get it into his food," Ford says, as quoted by The Telegraph. "It would have been entirely possible."

No one ever put the plan into action, probably because it was crazy--just like some others highlighted in this article over on The Week. Link

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If you actually visit the link, there's a whole paragraph addressing the poison idea.

"Why didn't they just poison him?
Hitler used food tasters, so any substance designed to kill him might have provoked a reaction in his tasters. Estrogen, which is tasteless and affects subjects gradually, was thought to be less detectible."

It's pretty bogus sounding. Hence why it's called an alleged plan.
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If there were agents that could get estrogen into his food, wouldn't these same agents be able to get poison into his food as well? Why beat around the bush? Grab that bull by the horns.
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