The Longest Straight Staircase in the World Has 699 Steps

Team, today's stair running drill is going to be a doozy. Pictured above is Jacob's Ladder, a staircase in the UK Overseas Territory of Saint Helena. Settlers built it as an inclined plane in 1829 to help bring agricultural products into Jamestown, the capital of the island. The staircase is now accessible to tourists, but the slope is really steep and not every portion has a railing, so do not look down. You can view several more pictures at the link.

Link -via Bit Rebels | Photo: Wikimedia user Deusdixital

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Oh, y'all are focused on going DOWN. Imagine having to climb those!

I once worked in a 6-story building. One day both elevators were out, and I was on the ground floor with my boss. I was 30 or so, he was about 50. I started sprinting up the stairs and saw he was lagging. He said "Go ahead, I've done this before. I'll see you up there in about 15 minutes."
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"You are a pretty good actor."
"I'm going for the Oscar this year."
"But are you a pretty good skater?"
"I'm more than pretty good, esse. I have my own skate company."
"Can you do a thingy on that rail?"
"It's called a grind, bro."
"Well, can you do a grindy thingy now?"
"Are you serious? There are like 200 steps and the rails are garbage."
"Well, hey if it's too hardcore... "
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The Manitou Incline is longer than that (though, admittedly, it wasn't *designed* as a staircase). I've run it and it's a killer.

2000' of vertical in one straight mile.
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